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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Could today be the day that Iran gets smacked?

Remember this joke about Clinton and Saddam Hussein?
President Clinton visits Saddam Hussein to talk about the UNSCOM inspections in Iraq. As he sits down he sees three buttons in the armrest of Saddam's chair. When Saddam sits down, Clinton immediately asks, "Why the three buttons in the armrest?" "You'll see," says Saddam. After 10 minutes, Saddam presses the first button and WHACK, a boxing glove hits Clinton in the face. Clinton grabs his nose while Saddam just laughs. Clinton manages to remain calm until, after another 10 minutes, Saddam presses the second button, and another boxing glove hits Clinton in the stomach. While Clinton's gasping for air, Saddam falls out of his chair from laughing. Clinton is highly annoyed by now, but remains outwardly calm. After another 5 minutes, Saddam presses the third button, and from under the table another boxing glove hits Clinton, this time right in the crotch. Clinton is really fed up by it now and breaks off the talks. "We'll continue this next week in the White House," says the President. Saddam has tears in his eyes from laughing, and can only nod in agreement.

As agreed, Clinton receives Saddam in the Oval office a week later, and as Saddam sits down, he sees three buttons in the armrest of Clinton's chair. As the meeting goes on, Saddam sees Clinton press the first button and immediately ducks, but nothing happens. This doesn't stop Clinton from laughing ... really loud. Clinton continues where he left off, and after a few minutes presses the second button. Saddam again reacts instinctively, and this time it's Clinton who falls out of his chair laughing. Saddam is totally bewildered, and wonders what the hell is happening. But no harm has come to him, so he retakes his seat and the talks continue.

After a few more minutes, Clinton presses the third button. This time, Saddam doesn't even flinch, but stays in his chair as though nothing unusual is taking place. Clinton, however, is rolling on the floor, doubled over from laughter. Saddam is not only bewildered-now he is angry. He springs to his feet and shouts, "I've had enough of this, and I’m going back to Baghdad!" Through tears of laughter, Clinton says, "Baghdad? ... ... What Baghdad????
Later today, President Obama will meet with 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen in the oval office.

Today is the eve of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot. 28 years ago on the eve of Shavuot, then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin z"l (of blessed memory) sent IAF jets [video link] to attack Iraq's Osirak reactor, destroying it completely. The Bush 41 administration was not pleased.

Wouldn't it be funny if while Obama is meeting with Abu Mazen, he got a call from Netanyahu telling him that IAF jets are now bombing Bushehr, Natanz and other Iranian nuclear installations?

Just a thought....



At 9:08 AM, Blogger Findalis said...

From your mouth to G-d's ears.

Let it be so.

At 9:30 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

I don't expect anything to happen while Israel is preoccupied with fending off Obama's demand to ethnically cleanse Yesha of Jews. It would be wonderful though if Israel managed to smack Iran.

Just a thought.


At 2:21 PM, Blogger StevenInBrooklynNY said...

I hope Israel goes soon. Wondering how effective "bombing" can be...wondering whether so much is underground that a relatively large force on the ground wil be needed. Wondering how many diversions, decoy attacks will be needed...hoping its all not futile...

At 1:45 AM, Blogger Paul W said...

The North Korea issue is very hot right now (and the peninsula may get literally quite hot). How ironic, how interesting, would it be if things started get bad over there, and Israel used the fact that the world's attention was diverted and attacked Iran...

...just like the Soviets attacked Hungary in 1956, while the world's attention was rivetted to the Sinai peninsula.

Could've been a coincidence the first time, might be this time, but it WOULD be a masterful stroke.

At 8:40 AM, Blogger mdk4130 said...

I am American Jew. Secular. But absolutely devoted to Israel's defense and survival. I do believe in my gut the principle of Zionism is the soil out if which--If Israel can just hang on long enough to thwart it's enemies -- and I do not count out the USA -- there can be the flowering of a new, vibrant, superior Jew. Even for the good of all mankind, and I am not one to wax into flowery raptures of romantic swooning.

But I do believe we - the powers of the world--are degenerating into who wins a pissing contest---and find ourselves pissing up a rope. Baloney! Who cares if the settlements are to precede or follow the end of whatever stupid agreements have been made. Forget all prior "agreements." Why? How many time does a guy need to get hit on the head before he knows what's happening?

Diplomacy without force is like Music without instruments. [ Bismark, I think ]

I'm reading Daniel Gordis' "Saving Israel" His thesis is Israel can be "saved" if the American Jews become "more Jewish" I want to puke.

I say let's quit F***ing around! Annex the goddamm territories -- Jordan to the sea--, transfer the Arabs to Arab countries, Especially is there all the more reason to act now while Muslim Obama is still finding his sea legs. Maybe--once the dust settles--if Israel wants to be generous in "diplomatic tradeoffs" we let them keep Gaza as a consolation. Now we got the great desideratum--a "two state" solution. Everyone should be happy. And Gaza --now a new state--better behave itself, or else!

I don't know much about this whole thing--no, that's not true, I know a lot, more than most, perhaps, it's all in my head, not in my pen, I regret, but I have come to know what I know has to be done.

Got any better ideas?

Thanks for your emails--always welcome!

Martin Kessler

p.s this is the last comment I will ever make on this site--it's too f***ing complicated--unnecessarily


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