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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amnesty: The sky is falling in Gaza

In a report whose release was undoubtedly timed to coincide with President Obama's meeting with 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen, irretrievably biased Amnesty International has blamed Israel for breaking the 'cease fire' with Hamas by starting Operation Cast Lead and has warned once again that the sky is falling in Gaza.
Israel's recent war on Gaza brought the enclave to the brink of a catastrophe, Amnesty International said, also lambasting the two main Palestinian factions for human rights violations.

The massive offensive Israel launched on December 27 in response to ongoing rocket fire from the territory "brought conditions to the brink of human catastrophe," the London-based group said in its annual report.


Amnesty also criticized the blockade Israel imposed on Gaza in June 2007 after Hamas, a group pledged to the destruction of the Jewish state, seized power in Gaza.

The blockade "exacerbated an already dire humanitarian situation, health and sanitation problems, poverty and malnutrition for the 1.5 million residents."

"Seriously ill patients in need of medical care not available in Gaza and hundreds of students and workers wishing to study or travel to jobs abroad were among those trapped in Gaza by the blockade."
JPost adds:
In its 2009 annual report, formally released on Thursday, Amnesty International places sole blame on Israel for the breakdown in the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas that led to Operation Cast Lead.

The London-based organization accuses Israel of breaking the six-month cease-fire on November 4, 2008, when "Israeli forces killed six Palestinian militants."

Jerusalem-based research organization NGO Monitor said the report ignored Hamas violations.

"Hamas's highly visible preparations for resumed Palestinian aggression during the six-month cease-fire in 2008, including the preparation of a human-shields strategy, are entirely ignored," NGO Monitor said.
Amnesty has a long history of bias against Israel and this report is no exception.
NGO Monitor also accused Amnesty of not giving context when it blames Israel for the plight of Gazans who are denied access to Israel hospitals. The report uses four examples of Palestinians who died after being denied entry to Israel, without mentioning the large number of Palestinians treated in Israeli hospitals.

"Amnesty's activities in the Middle East are totally divorced from reality and constitute a continued attack on the moral foundation of human rights," said Prof. Gerald Steinberg, NGO Monitor's executive director.

"The world's most prominent human rights organization continues to abuse this position to join the ideological campaign that seeks to single out Israel for condemnation, promote the Palestinian narrative, and erase the context of mass terror and aggression by Hamas."
Amnesty's blatant bias against Israel has removed any shred of credibility they might otherwise have had in this country. No one here listens to them anymore.


At 10:23 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Amnesty International condemns Israel in contravention of the facts. And its failure to hold Hamas responsible says all that is needed to be known about them.

And in a report that discusses Gaza, AI couldn't spare at least a sentence for Sderot?

With friends like that, what could wrong indeed


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