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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Video: Toronto Boycott of Israeli wines fails (Toronto Tea Party?)

I now have three videos from Sunday's demonstration against a 'pro-Palestinian' boycott of Israeli wines in Toronto. I'm impressed that some of these people seem so knowledgeable. Let's go to the videotape (with thanks to Josephine). Here's Part I:

Here's Part II:

By the way, in this video, when the couple pulls out the two bottles of Israeli wine, the first bottle is actually a Kosher Italian wine (Kedem's Bartenura), but the second bottle is a Golan Winery bottle from Israel. Yes, I enjoy a little good wine too....

And here's Part III:

Awesome guys!

And for those commenters who think it's so easy to organize this kind of demonstration right before Pesach (Passover), please allow me to remind you that at least in Orthodox homes, the Sunday before Pesach is usually the day that the kitchen is 'turned over' from regular Kosher to Kosher for Pesach.


Here's Part IV, which I thought had been lost. Let's go to the videotape.


At 5:23 PM, Blogger Andre (Canada) said...

One of my friends was at the rally (I wasn't there...I was at the Ohel in NY that day!) and he saw one of the organizers (wearing Birkenstock's of course!). He approached her and showed her the 3 cases of Israeli wine he had just bought and told her that without the idiots of "Not In Our Name", he never would have bought these. She was not impressed and started to pout!
The store was cleaned out of all its Israeli wine in 30 minutes, selling a total of 122 cases (12 bottles each)!
Other liquor stores also report a run on Israeli wines.
This is turning out to be a blessing with so many people coming out to buy Israeli wines (and our Shul now has a campaign to encourage people to buy other Isreally products as well).

At 6:43 PM, Blogger Joe said...

Third video has been removed.


At 6:58 PM, Blogger Josephine said...

Carl, thank you for featuring my videos.

You can see how peaceful and calm the crowd was; there was no "thuggish" behaviour (as claimed by the pro-Palestinians).

Joe, Part 3 is still up on YouTube.

Andre, I'm glad to hear that about your Shul.

We all need to do our part!

At 7:40 PM, Blogger Andy Lehrer said...

What a surprise that Josephine didn't include any thuggish behaviour in her video. In fact, there were two assaults as well as a good deal of verbal abuse and some stalking thrown in for good measure (the picketers were followed to a restaurant).

At 8:04 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

It was really awesome what Josephine documented. People who knew what they stood for and did it with passion, good humor and dignity. As for the pro-Palestinian side - well if they can't boycott Israel and threaten Jews with death, there nothing that gets them in the headlines. In other words, there is nothing positive about what they represent. The contrast with Jews and pro-Israel supporters could not be more striking. There are lots of good things to cite about Israel, especially the wonderful wines. Can the other side name one positive contribution "Palestine" has made to the world's well-being?

We're all still waiting to hear it.


At 10:29 PM, Blogger Andre (Canada) said...

I beg to differ about the Palestinians' contributions to the world. Here are just a few:
- development of various sizes of suicide belts so that women, pregnant women and even children can be fitted properly;
- tunneling under the desert while Egyptian troops look on;
- many new toys (model grenades, AK47s, RPG's)
- many songs which bring in jungle and farm animals (as in sons of pigs and monkeys);
- passing out candies to cheer their children following other people's disasters and tragedies;
...but the most significant of all...they have developed the very best PR in the world to the point that they have succeeded in perpetrating thousands of terrorists acts and made their innocent victims appear as the aggressors. Now, that is something!

At 11:18 PM, Blogger Josephine said...

Carl, I'm glad you've got Part 4 up!

It was lost; I had to redo it from scratch. Luckily the raw video was still there. It's such picky-picky work. No one wants to see the bouncy camera views of the sidewalk that are my specialty!

Firebrand, I'm waiting for some evidence; until then, I remain unconvinced.

It was like a big block party without the barbecue.

NormanF, the difference between the pro-Israel side and the pro-Palestinian side is like night and day.

Andre, I used to work in PR and I can tell you that it requires a big bank account. It's guaranteed that the PR push is being funded by some wealthy backers.

At 1:06 AM, Blogger Eva said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Brings tears to my eyes...I live in Sweden you know the new muslim country in Europe...purhaps Canada can invade us.....:)


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