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Friday, March 20, 2009

Video: President Obama wishes Iran a Happy New Year

This video was released by the White House to celebrate Nowruz - the Iranian New Year. In it, the President of the United States speaks directly to the Iranian people and to Iran's leaders. Please don't watch this video if you've eaten recently.

Let's go to the videotape and then I'll have more comments.

Here's my bet on the Iranian response:

Am I the only one who finds it sickening that he compares America's behavior over the past thirty years to Iran's?


The Leftist foreign policy wonks think this is wonderful (Hat Tip: Politico via Memeorandum).
"This is huge," said Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council, a group that supports U.S. engagement with Tehran. "First of all, he is addressing the people and the government, which has not been done before. At one point he talks about the Islamic Republic. He's signaling he’s not looking for regime change; he’s recognizing Iran’s system.

"You always heard Rice and Bush say 'Iranian regime,'" Parsi noted. “It's a big difference.” That doesn't mean Obama doesn’t support Iranian democratization, Parsi said. "But he recognizes the government that exists in Iran right now."

Parsi also found remarkable Obama's comments that he recognized Iran has a "rightful role among nations."

"When he is saying the U.S. seeks constructive ties between the U.S., Iran, and international community," Parsi added, "that is signaling strategic intent. He is making it clear is that where he wants to end up through diplomacy which he supports is a constructive, positive relationship with Iran, to put aside our enmity. That is huge."

Asked if Obama's message to Iran signals a concerted public diplomacy effort related to the Iran policy review underway, the White House official responded: "He's making clear to the Iranian people and government the future that he sees for the two countries and that we're prepared to engage in direct diplomacy."
Sure. Let's give up on regime change and 'respect' Iran's 'right' to have nukes. I'll bet the Saudis are about as thrilled as we Israelis are with that prospect.

Obama doesn't get it. The language of the Middle East is that you have to 'respect' me and you have to give me 'justice.' But the only justice and respect the Islamic world knows is to get 100% of its desires. Anything less is disrespect and injustice.

Can we dismiss Obama as a naive fool? Or is there something even more pernicious here?


Sure enough.

The Iranians said "thanks very much but we'd like to see your words backed up by actions, and by the way, we aren't giving up our nukes."

More here.

Israel's President Shimon Peres also sent greetings to Iran, but urged the people to rise up and overthrow the regime.


At 1:39 PM, Blogger R-MEW Editors said...

Please tell me this is satire.

At 3:53 PM, Blogger christine said...

are you shocked....well don't be .obama is anti american anti israel.........you don't sit in rev.wright hate church for 20years and not believe in what he was saying..obama bent on being pro muslim ,he is anti american and anti israel.we all aw this coming and tried hard to get out the message........but as you know we don not have a free press here in america...our media is beholden to the savior.we are all in trouble...i couldn't believe our jewish friends here in america could vote for this man........but they did and now we well all suffer....obama is no friend to israel...........but he may talk like he is...but his walk says something else...........

At 4:40 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

I wasn't shocked when I saw the BBC news headline this morning. Iran's Islamist leaders must be dying of laughter at Obama's naivete and foolishness. Hopenchange is getting cozy with America's deadliest enemy and selling Israel down the river in exchange.

That's "peace in our time." Its just makes one want to vomit!

At 6:58 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

UPDATE: Caroline Glick has some observations about the "appeasement process" - its more truthful than the misnomer "peace process" since the goal isn't to bring about peace between Israel and the Palestinians but to find a modus vivendi between the West and radical Middle Eastern regimes and their terrorist proxies. And there's lots more.

Hamas Free Lunch

Read it all.


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