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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Venezuelan Jews at risk

During the last weekend of January, I blogged what appeared to be the vandalizing of a Caracas synagogue, including video of the damage and some attempts at reassurance from from a Venezuelan blogger. The first post referred to a disturbing report from the Simon Wiesenthal Center from a day before the synagogue was vandalized, which discussed how a pro-Chavez web site urged 'action' against Jews and Jewish-owned businesses.

It turns out that there was a piece of that puzzle missing, and that Omri at Mere Rhetoric has now filled in the missing piece. The break-in at the synagogue was not about vandalism. It was about something much more sinister.
But what was even more disturbing was the stolen property. It was quite specific:
Computer hard drives, containing the database with the names, addresses, of almost every Jewish family in Venezuela. This includes donor lists, member lists, Jewish school lists, many including residences and place of business. This was not an act of common, even professional anti-semitic vandalism. This was a well-planned mission to retrieve the name and address of every Jew in Venezuela... With this list in the hands of this highly trained and organized group, every Venezuelan Jew is at risk.
Read the whole thing.


At 12:41 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

There's no doubt Hugo Chavez's secret police was behind the theft of information on Venezuela's Jews.

I just wonder what the hell they're waiting for. The writing is on the wall there.


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