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Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama and the 'Alliance of Civilizations'

President Obama is going to Istanbul in April to fulfill his commitment to visit a Muslim country early in his administration. He is going to Istanbul to attend a meeting of something called the 'Alliance of Civilizations,' a United Nations-sponsored outfit with a web of corrupt connections that could rival anything put together by Ehud Olmert or Bill Clinton. The web is too complicated to explain without reading the whole thing, but here's the bottom line:
Money, much of it European, has rolled into the trust fund, which as of this month has collected more than $9 million.

And in the four years since it morphed into existence as the latest phase of the Iranian-sponsored Dialogue, the Alliance has become another megaphone for some of the U.N.'s most troubling campaigns. In deference to Islamic anti-blasphemy laws, the Alliance favors a global gag on free speech. One of the Alliance's repeated themes is to focus prime blame for world tensions on the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel--which at the U.N. tips over almost invariably into singling out for condemnation the state of Israel.

The Alliance has to date acquired a "group of friends" consisting of 99 members. Along with various sovereign states, these "friends" include the Organization of the Islamic Conference (or OIC), the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (set up by the OIC), the Arab League, plus the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization.

There is no representation from Israel.

This is the U.N.-fostered outfit providing the framework Obama, the American commander-in-chief, will dignify with his present at its April 6 and 7 meeting in Istanbul.

There are many ways one might describe this Alliance: An Iran-spawned Islamic-themed club; another U.N. exercise in equating the desires of despotic regimes with the principles of free societies; a curious vehicle for U.N. officials with odd spots in their past; a diplomatic bordello providing dark nooks for backroom deals. But an alliance of civilizations it is not.
To understand why, read the whole thing.


At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Why do the peoples gather, and the nations talk in vain. The kingsof the earth take their stand and the princes conspire secretly, against Hashem and against His anointed. 'Let us cut their cords and let s cast off their ropes from ourselves.' He Who sits in heaven will laugh, the Lord will mock them."


"Your foes are in an uproar and those who hate You have raised their head. Against Your nation they plot deviously, they take counsel together unanimously, they strike a covenant against You - the tents of Edom [the ideological descendants of the West] and Ishmaelites [Muslims], ..."

This isn't a war against Jews, per se. It is a war against G-d, and we are just the sign that there IS a G-d. Knowledge of that is the "cords" they want to cast off of themselves. Our existence is intolerable to them, and so in the pretense of fairness to the primary "victims" of our existence, the contemporary Amalekites, we must cease to exist. It's only "fair" after all.

That's as much as what Oliphant meant in his diabolical depiction of Jews as superhuman monsters oppressing the defenseless "Palestinians," where the Star Of David represents our "primitive outdated" Torah, which we mindlessly follow.

It's a lie, unlike the truth we aren't allowed to speak, lest they threaten "off with their heads."

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