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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

More infidel billions for Gaza

At Jihad Watch, Hugh Fitzgerald has a great comment (written on Sunday) about yesterday's massive giveaway of billions of infidel dollars for Gaza (Hat Tip: Jawa Report).
Why not withhold Western, Infidel aid, and ask the Gazan Arabs, and the Jordanians, and the Egyptians, and the Pakistanis, tutti quanti, to go ask for aid from the fabulously rich Saudis and other Arabs of the Gulf, in the U.A.E., in Kuwait, in Qatar? If they turn their fellow members of the Umma down, that will cause division, and possibly worse. If they do not turn them down, whatever they offer will be taken, but with the feeling that "the rich Arabs" can still do more, and more and more. Whether the aid is forthcoming or not, it will help to foster divisions and resentments among the Arabs, and even by the poorer non-Arab Muslims (as in Pakistan) against the rich Arabs. These kinds of resentments and divisions are useful to Infidels.

Think of the world of Islam as a closed system, and the world of the Infidels as another closed system. It isn't accurate, of course, but what one wishes is to have as little contact between the two as possible, because recent experience shows that Westerners, Infidels, are easily fooled and manipulated, or in some cases begin to focus on this or that appealing gunga-dinnish member of the Iraqi or Afghani military, and forget the meretriciousness of the vast majority of people, and forget as well what can be found in the texts and tenets of Islam to constantly renew the hostility toward Infidels. Something -- protection, or aid, or simple kindness – may briefly make a few people, for a brief period, seemingly well-disposed. As soon as the Americans leave, the full ingratitude of the people in Iraq (not the "Iraqi people") will become apparent to Americans. They will not be pleased.

The goal should be to force the rich states of the umma to be held responsible for the economic distress of the poorer (i.e., those who forget to have oil and gas desposits) members of the umma. No more money should be transferred than is already being transferred, in gigantic unheard-of amounts, from the oil-consuming Infidels to the Muslim states that happen to sit on top of that oil, or that gas -- discovered, brought to the surface, transported by pipe to ships and then distributed around the world, all by Infidels. Remove the Infidels, and the entire oil and gas sales of the Muslim states would collapse. They could not find, could not lift, could not move, could not distribute, any of this themselves. What they can to is drive hard bargains. What they can do is spend money on palaces, and buying trillions of dollars in arms, and spending hundreds of billions on spreading Islam around the Infidel world.
Read it all.


At 3:59 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

All those infidel dollars and aid have not made the Palestinians more moderate and hospitable towards Westerners and Israelis. Just the opposite. No one likes living as the recipient of a handout. They may be pleased to take advantage of naive Westerners and Jewish freiers but it doesn't mean they love them. In fact, they hate them more than ever. The one thing all the money (infidel or not) in the world can't ever buy is the human heart.

Some people never learn that simple truism. Go figure!

At 4:17 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

All this international generosity for the Palestinians is not because any one else cares for them or loves them. Its the world's way of getting back at the Jews. There's nothing else involved here and if any other people lost a war, they wouldn't be getting $5 billion in aid waiting in the pipeline for them. Heck, the world isn't even that generous to victims of natural disasters! Its a marvel how every one is so stingy when the Jews aren't in the picture. But that changes in a heartbeat when someone is a victim of the Jews.

Just color me cynical. All this milk of human kindness isn't flowing because they want to rebuild Gaza. No, the world wants to punish Israel for trying to destroy the Palestinian terrorists in the first place.

At 5:12 PM, Blogger DeerMusic said...

All the reconstruction will be meaningless. The rocket attacks continue (something that's not been widely reported) so at some point the IDF will have to strike again in response. Rebuilding brick and mortar means nothing when the leadership in Gaza -- and most of the population -- adhere to a rabid ideology of death and destruction.

At 6:39 PM, Blogger J. Lichty said...

Norman F is correct.

The "donors" do not give to alleviate suffering in Gaza. They give to create more suffering from Gaza.

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...

Deer Music,

I wouldn't call $4.481 billion for new weapons 'meaningless.'


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