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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Death watch: Hamas calls Fayad a 'collaborator'

JPost is reporting that Hamas is charging suit-and-tie clad 'Palestinian' Prime Minister Salam Fayad with being a 'collaborator.'
Salah Bardaweel, a Hamas legislator who participated in the recent Egyptian-sponsored reconciliation talks with Fatah in Cairo, said that his movement was seeking to put Fayad on trial for betraying the Palestinians.

"We don't trust Fayad, and we won't accept him in any position in a new government," he said. "This man has a dark record; he's responsible for security coordination with the Zionist enemy, political arrests [of Hamas supporters] in the West Bank and squandering public funds belonging to the Palestinian people."

Bardaweel claimed that Fayad had been "imposed" on Abbas by the Americans.

"He became prime minister in violation of the Palestinian Basic Law," he added. "His government never won the approval of the Palestinian Legislative Council. He's a problematic figure."
And we all know what Hamas does to 'collaborators,' don't we?



At 10:13 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Salam Fayad is the one leader whom the Palestinians should want to emulate. That they despise him speaks volumes as to how much they want to turn the clock back. And they're doing it all by themselves. Even Nassour the Bear can't blame it on the Zionists.



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