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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Are you busy Wednesday night?

Are you busy Wednesday night? How would you like to be on a conference call with Barack Obama's good friend Rashid Khalidi?

Key Historical Lessons for the Obama Administration in their Pursuit of Israeli-Palestinian Peace

with Rahid Khalidi

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

9:30 pm ET / 8:30 pm CT / 7:30 pm MT / 6:30 pm PT

Dr. Rashid Khalidi will distill from his historical research on the region what he sees as the key lessons the Obama Administration must consider in its pursuit of a two-state resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Khalidi is a leading American public intellectual and a distinguished scholar of Middle East and Palestinian history and of American foreign policy in the region and has written widely about these issues. His commentary will include both general lessons and specific commentary in light of the Administration's actions to date.

TO JOIN: Dial 1-218-936-4700 within 5 minutes of the call's designated start time and then enter the access code 123432#. You are responsible only for domestic long distance charges.

QUESTIONS: The presentation will be followed by an extensive question-and-answer session open to all participants. Please send brief questions before or during the call to townhall@btvshalom.org.

Recommended Reading/Viewing:

A Conversation with Rashid Khalidi," Charlie Rose Show, March 3, 2009.

Sowing Crisis: American Dominance and the Cold War in the Middle East. Beacon. 2009.

Obama's 'Palestinian friend' laments catastrophic U.S. policy in Mideast by Akiva Eldar. Haaretz. December 6, 2008.

Palestine: Liberation Deferred by Rashid Khalidi. The Nation. May 8, 2008.


Those are their instructions - here are mine (okay - copied from the person two emails up in this chain).
Andrew Breitbart has it exactly right in today's Washington Times. I think the choices are pretty clear: we can either continue to subdivide into, literally, thousands of yahoo groups and google groups , send each other articles and feel like at least we're doing something or we can organize in the way Breitbart speaks of. This conference call is a perfect testing ground. Khalidi is out of control. Some of you rcvd my email over the weekend about his two-day CUNY conference this week . It would seem to make sense that we somehow organize a way to interrupt peacefully but repeatedly so they cannot accomplish anything on their conference call. I read smart observations all day long on the two listservs I belong to. We need some of that wisdom to organize a machine, to go on the offensive, both online and on the phone. This email is going to Switzerland, San Francisco, Sydney and everywhere in between . We need leaders before it's too late.

BREITBART: Online activists on the right, unite!
Hat Tip: Sorry but I can't give the name of the person who sent me this because s/he will likely be on the call (I won't be - that's 4:30 am here).

Good luck, and please email me to let me know how it goes.


At 2:26 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Akiva Eldar is one of the worst Far Left anti-Israeli extremists at Haaretz. Gideon Levy is just a shade worse than him. If he thinks kindly of Rashid Khalidi, then you know his opinion of any peace deal that falls short of turning Israel into a Middle Eastern version of Rwanda. The Israeli Far Left hopes the Obama Administration can get for them what they could not get Israeli voters to endorse in the election this year - an imposed solution to their liking.

Gershon Baskin outlines in an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post what that would look like.

Thanks but no thanks.


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