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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Jewish Committee was irresponsible on Durban II

At his JPost blog, Isi Leibler rips David Harris and the American Jewish Committee for burying its head in the sand and behaving irresponsibly on Durban II.
The AJC adopted a flawed approach to this issue from the outset, insisting that that the American government and others should participate in the conference. Their attitude undermined efforts by bodies like "Eye on the UN" which invested massive efforts in creating a public awareness of the need for a boycott.

The AJC decision to accept the invitation to participate as a member of the US delegation in the Durban II preparatory committee to ascertain whether this obnoxious body would change its approach was an even greater blunder. They were irresponsible in encouraging the perception that a body totally controlled by the Islamic Conference and rogue states, and even chaired by Libya, with Iran and Cuba serving as deputy chairs, could possibly be anything other than an instrument for promoting evil.

To make matters worse the US delegation, including the AJC representative, actually sat on its hands during the proceedings of the preparatory committee while vicious demonizations of Israel took place. They even remained silent when Iran objected to a resolution condemning Holocaust denial.

For many of us, the jury is still out regarding the Obama administration's approach to Israel. But it would require burying one's head in the sand not to be disconcerted by the new policy of "engaging" tyrants and jihadists, not to mention some of the candidates recommended for government positions in recent weeks.

In this context we look to the American Jewish community, which overwhelmingly supported Obama, to endeavor to ensure that Israel is not sacrificed to enable the US to placate Arab extremists.


One would have expected American Jewish leaders at the least to have also expressed concern when simultaneously with its announcement it would not partake in Durban, the US government proclaimed that it would in future participate in meetings of the Human Rights Council, and would even seek to be elected to the leadership of that despicable body. The US action will only legitimize an organization which represents the antithesis of its title, defends the worst regimes practicing the denial of human rights and now seeks to limit all criticism of Islamic behavior or practice.
Read it all. With 'friends' like the AJC.... Their behavior is simply inexcusable.


At 11:24 PM, Blogger Lois Koenig said...

There is a reasaon that we give Tzedakah to nearly all Israeli organizations. MDA is the only one here that we give to.

AJC? Despicable. Especially re Durban II.

David Harris is on the radio here frequently, flogging the AJC. Feh.

But the ratio of liberals is far too high, as the Presidential election proved.

Why are we far too often our own worst enemies? If the first 8 weeks are not enough of a wake-up call, I shudder to think what would be.

At 8:44 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The AJC has morphed into a body controlled by Leftist extremists rather than Zionists. That is why it takes part in this outrageous affront to Israel.


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