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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Raw video of vandalized Caracas synagogue

Here is raw video of the vandalism that was inflicted by anti-Semites on the oldest synagogue in Caracas, Venezuela on Friday night.

Let's go to the videotape.

More on this story here.


At Venezuela News and Views, Daniel argues that anti-Semitism in Venezuela is limited to Chavez's supporters and has not (yet?) affected the rest of the country.
Of course this has become today event distracting us from the SI/NO campaign. The government was prompt in taking its distances from the Synagogue attack. Unfortunately for the government even if it can prove that there is no direct links between its Red Shirted storm troopers and the attack, Chavez and his acolytes have been saying too many things against Israel (when not the Jews themselves) not to take blame from this attack. It also does not help the credibility of the government that the "condemnation" was emitted during a political act where the Venezuelan diplomatic expelled from Israel was received as heroes. As if they ever held a stone in some Intifada....

At least elsewhere the condemnation was certainly less ambiguous, showing clearly that any antisemitism in Venezuela is to be found almost exclusively in the chavista ranks. The Catholic Church, the dissident Student movement, the political opposition did not waste time. For many the finger is pointed to the hate speech coming from the government itself, something that this blogger has been writing for years now, and which is today quite open from scholars to some of the best legal minds of the opposition.

The CAIV (confederation of Israelite Associations of Venezuela) issued its protest in due form.

It includes the following paragraph:

La comunidad judía de Venezuela, con arraigo de larga data en el país, hace pública su indignación y más enérgica protesta ante esta agresión producto del clima antijudío que se ha desatado en Venezuela como consecuencia del discurso incitador al odio del Gobierno Nacional. La continua difusión de textos claramente antijudíos en medios oficiales de comunicación, tanto escritos como audiovisuales y digitales, exacerban estos sentimientos.

The Jewish community of Venezuela, with a long tradition in the country, makes public its indignation and its most energetic protest in front of this aggression product of an anti Jewish climate that has been unleashed in Venezuela as a consequence of the hate inducing speech of the National Government. The continuous diffusion of clearly antijewish texts in official media, written as well as audiovisual and digital, exacerbate these feelings.

There you have it, it cannot be said any clearer. Now it is up to the government to prove the CAIV wrong. I am not holding my breath
Read the whole thing.

Daniel seems to be placing a lot of hope on a February 15 referendum that, if passed, would make Chavez President for life. Daniel is optimistic that referendum will fail, and obviously I share his hope that it will fail.

But the referendum's failure would leave Chavez in power until 2013 - an awfully long time. Adolph Hitler YMS"H (May his memory be obliterated) was elected in 1932, the Nuremburg Laws were passed in 1935, Hitler was given Czechoslovakia's 'Sudentenland' in 1938 and attacked Poland in 1939. I don't expect Chavez to necessarily provoke another World War, but what he's doing to Jews in Venezuela closely resembles what happened in Germany in the 1930's.

I hope that Venezuela's Jews will get out while they still can. This does not look good at all.


At 6:59 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor in January 1933, became Germany's dictator by the summer of 1933 when all opposition to his rule disappeared and the rest was history.

That said, Venezuela's Jews should get out while they still can. What's assurances the country's Castroite regime gives are worthless. It is allied with the most odious thugs on the planet, has broken relations in a spirit of open hostility to Israel and is led by a thug who embraces both with a gusto. The writing is on the wall with the vandalizing of the Caracas synagogue and yes, we're in the midst of the worst world-wide wave of anti-Semitism since the 1930s.

That should be clear to Jews everywhere.

At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Venezuelan friend of mine was employed at her country's embassy in Israel. Today, following the close of the embassy, she is out of work.

She tells me that things in her former country are not good for the Jews. Venezuelan 's here are very concerned

At 10:22 PM, Blogger What is "Occupation" said...

Would it not been really funny if while these vandals were doing their destruction if they had been shot?

I would think what a message could be sent if only that had happened....


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