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Monday, February 09, 2009

Pallywood 1948

Many of you think that Pallywood is a relatively new phenomenon. It's not. It goes back at least to 1948 and Israel's War of Independence against five Arab armies. According to Palestinians, they were expelled from Israel by the Jewish armies in 1948. A large documentation, and many testimonies from Arab leaders and historians intend to prove that, actually, they fled the zone of conflict because of Arab propaganda, spreading the fake news of massacres... Deir Yassin, among those so said massacres, became a legend. [For those of you who know Jerusalem, Deir Yassin was at the top of where Har Nof is today - until a few years ago, there were still a few shacks left at the top of Katzenellenbogen Street. CiJ] Such as Jenin, and Gaza will be decades later. Pallywood, pallywood...

Let's go to the videotape and see what really happened.


At 2:12 AM, Blogger sassinfras said...

you are delussional if you believe this crap. the palestinians were cleansed of the area through massacres and intimidation. the zionist leaders could only have made a jewish state by removing the arabs. the operation was called 'plan dalet'which started months before the arab armies tried to stop this form of ethnic cleansing.
read 'the ethnic cleansing of palestine' by ilan pappe, a professor in a israel university, which proves it beyond a doubt.
you are on par with the holocost deniers


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