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Friday, February 06, 2009

Near riot at Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball game in Barcelona

Maccabi Tel Aviv played a first-round Euroleague championship game Thursday night in Barcelona. In the last minute of the first quarter, things got a little nasty.

Let's go to the videotape.

At least this time, they didn't have to forfeit the game.

In the US, anyone who pulls this kind of stuff isn't just ejected from the stadium: They're arrested and charged with trespass, and if they're season ticket holders (or using someone's season tickets), they lose their season ticket privileges (remember the brawl at the Palace in Auburn Hills a couple years ago involving the Pistons and the Pacers). Something tells me that's not what's going on in Europe. The security should be tighter. Someone should have noticed all those 'Palestinian' flags (no, those weren't Spanish flags) coming into the arena and been ready for trouble. And why didn't play stop immediately as soon as a 'fan' ran onto the floor?

In the event, Maccabi played well for the rest of the first half, but was blown out in the second half and lost 85-65. Note that the JPost story doesn't even mention what you just saw on the tape. No one is making any excuses.


At 8:12 PM, Blogger Newton said...

That's not entirely true..I was there last night, and i felt the same as you did, i felt shame on them, some (few) young and blind people who only see what they wanna see.
I'm Català and yesterday I felt shame to be there, just want to say that it was the first time i went to the Palau blaugrana, and just because we played against Maccabi.. I went there with a flag of Israel..because I knew what was gonna happen..and after all, i had a great time :)
Anyway,I want to say that in fact, security measures should be tighter like you said, but those who jumpped to the arena, are not going to be able to enter at the Palau for a long period of time, don't even hesitate to believe that.

Sorry for my english by the way..

I wish i could go to watch Maccabi-Barça..
Good luck on the next match!

At 11:26 PM, Blogger José F.Garcia Lloret said...

Hello ! (Shabat Shalom ! )

Great to have a person from Barna who can give us the complementary information !

But of course with incidents the concentration of the players is less than usual so the result in some way not exactly giving the Maccabi "value" !

Marc, dont worry about your english.. we understand you !


At 2:56 AM, Blogger Newton said...

Thanks José :)

Im glad to hear from you, you have no idea..

First of all..shabat shalom..like you know as a català i dont practise your shsbat, hope you dont get mad at me to do such a thing, because i respect all religions, jewish and catholic (im not catholic too..i just belive in myself..)

About your speech, im totally agree, i think somehow maccabi players felt bad and the result game is totally the result of some pressure from a few supporters, but like a catala, i think too that it was the result from a great supporters, who are always giving our strenght to fcbarcelona team..but of course josé..i just saw basketball inthere, after all, it was just a basketball match..and even if i support israel like i do..(because i felt i need to do) i wanna say again that we are not all like them you know..we were a lot of more, between 20000 people against 50..i know it hurts..but please..19950 people didnt say anything against israel..thats what i wanna show you..:)

well..im glad that i found this blog..hope we can be in touch, it will be always nice to hear from you..

And please, if you need to hear an opinion from us, just as me, ill be more than glad..

Layla tov :)

At 1:38 PM, Blogger Unknown said...


At 11:17 PM, Blogger José F.Garcia Lloret said...

Marc... in english I cannot make any competition with you !!! you win ..;) sure.

And I am no jewish too, but I'm here as you say because I think I must be here and to read from jewish people other informations that the ones we have in Europe !!!!

I recognize your catalá "feeling" about the result of the match, molt bé, it is normal... :) And of course 19950 I'm sure are there for the sport and not for an other thing.

This year you have a fantastic Barça ! Thanks Messi !

Yo soy alicantí !

I cannot write in catalá or in valensiá... it is a pity ! Sorry.
Only in good spanish and medium english... and good French too!

But of course we can be in tuch : I think you can go from here to my blog, which is not at all "politic" by the way.

Un abrazo
José Fco.

PS : I continue with english because it is more correct here, and I'm even sorry CARL for the deviance of the comments to some thing "personal".

At 1:21 AM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...

Marc and Jose,

Your comments are fine. Great to have you.


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