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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Glick: Israel must follow India's example

In her Tuesday column in the JPost, Caroline Glick shows how the Hopenchange administration's mettle has already been tested in Russia, Pakistan and Iran. She then gives some advice to the new Israeli government that ought to be taken to heart.
MOVING AHEAD, the question of how our next government should handle America's apparent decision to turn its back on its traditional role as freedom's global defender becomes the most pressing concern. It is clear that we will need to embrace the burden of our own defense and stop expecting to receive much from our alliance with the US. But it is also clear that we will need a new strategy for dealing with the US itself.

In formulating that policy, the next government should draw lessons from fellow US-ally India. Once it became clear to the Indians that the Obama administration intended to treat them as the strategic and moral equivalent of Pakistan, they struck back hard. When the administration signaled that it would agree to Pakistan's assertion that its problems with the Taliban were linked to India's refusal to cede Jammu and Kashmir to Islamabad, New Delhi essentially told Washington to get lost.

In an interview on Indian television last week, ahead of Holbrook's first visit to the area this week, India's National Security Adviser M.K. Narayanan said that Obama would be "barking up the wrong tree" if he were to subscribe to such views. He added that India would be unwilling to discuss the issue of Jammu and Kashmir with Holbrook and so compelled Obama to remove the issue from Holbrook's portfolio.

At the same time, the Indian government released a dossier substantiating its claim that the December attacks on Mumbai were planned in jihadist terror training camps in Pakistan and enjoyed the support of the ISI. Moreover, in response to Khan's release from house arrest on Friday, India called for the international community to list Pakistan as a terror state.

In acting as it has, India has made two things clear to the Obama administration. First, it will not allow Washington to appease Pakistan at its expense. Second, it will do whatever it believes is necessary to secure its own interests both diplomatically and militarily.

A sound example for the next government to follow.
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At 12:19 PM, Blogger Ivan said...

And the MSM assured us that the Obamaites unlike the provincial Bushies have a masterful grasp of world affairs, with the likes of Richard Holbrooke (former editor of FP no less) and Z Brezenski. Discussing Kashmir with India is like discussing Taiwanese independence with China. Its a total non-starter. Even in the days after 9/11 nobody in the Bush administration suggested that Kashmir should be on the agenda as a sop to Pakistan. Better lock up our daughters when the Americans turn up.

At 3:49 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Israel should show how extreme the Palestinians are and tell the US to get lost when it tries to prevent Israel from defending itself or is poised to force Israel to give Jerusalem or the Golan. Bibi did make promises in these areas and the voters expect him to be true to his word.

At 7:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ZeroB's only "metal" is in the tinfoil hat he wears. Same for the rest of the Dems, and some Rinos.


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