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Monday, January 05, 2009

Times of London gives a platform to a moron

The Times of London published an op-ed by 'rabbi' Mikey Lerner, Cindy Sheehan's spiritual guide, in Monday's editions. Lerner shows the effects of hallucinogens on devising a 'peace process.'
How do we get out of this destructive spiral? The first step is for the world to demand an immediate ceasefire. That ceasefire should be imposed by the United Nations and backed unequivocally by America. Its terms must include the following:

— Hamas stops all firing of missiles, bombs or any other violent action originating from the West Bank or Gaza, and co-operates in actively jailing anyone from any faction that breaks this ceasefire.

— Israel stops all bombing, targeted assassinations or any other violent actions aimed at activists, militants, or suspected terrorists in the West Bank or Gaza, and uses the full force of its army to prevent any further attacks on Palestinians.

— Israel opens the border with Gaza and allows free access to and from Israel, subject only to full search and seizure of any weapons. Israel allows free travel of food, gas, electricity, water and consumer goods and materials including from land, air, and sea, subject only to full search and seizure of any weapons or materials typically used for weapons.

— Israel releases all Palestinians in detention and returns them to the West Bank or Gaza according to the choice of the detainees or prisoners. Hamas releases Gilad Schalit and anyone else being held by Palestinian forces.

— Both sides invite an international force to implement these agreements

— Both sides agree to end teaching and/or advocacy of violence against the other side in and outside mosques, educational institutions, and the media.

— This ceasefire would last for 20 years. Nato, the UN, and the US all agree to enforce this agreement and impose severe sanctions in the event of any violations.
But of course he holds Israel to a high, high, higher standard:
Yet Israel, as the militarily superior power, ought to take the first steps: implementing a massive Marshall Plan in Gaza and in the West Bank to end poverty and unemployment, rebuild infrastructure and encourage investment; dismantle the settlements or make settlers become citizens of a Palestinian state; accept 30,000 Palestinian refugees annually back into Israel for the next 30 years, apologise for its role in the 1948 expulsions and offer to co-ordinate a worldwide compensation effort for all that Palestinians lost during the Occupation; and recognise a Palestinian state within borders already defined by the Geneva Accord of 2003.
Lerner's drivel doesn't deserve a response, and the only reason I am giving it one is that it has gotten some attention in the media.

Just to point out a few flaws: The odds of Hamas stopping the shooting are less than none. Shooting is Hamas' raison d'etre. I wonder if Lerner would allow Israel to seize sugar (which is used in rocket manufacture in Gaza). Even if the 'Palestinians' stopped teaching hatred tomorrow, the next two generations are already infected with it. It's difficult to 'unteach' hatred. And the 'Palestinians' want their reichlet to be judenrein, so sorry, but no 'settlers' allowed as citizens.

But perhaps the best response to Lerner came from a bomb shelter in Be'er Sheva earlier today:
Rabbi Lerner's perspective, from a million dollar mansion in the Berkeley Hills, differs significant from mine in a bunker in Beer Sheva this morning, rather than peacefully at work. It must be a great luxury to sit back and pontificate, knowing your safety and that of your family is secure

Gary, Beer Sheva, Israel
Until Lerner is willing to come here and put his own butt on the line, he should shut his mouth and let us defend ours.

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At 9:55 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 9:57 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Michael Lerner is insane. There are Israeli leftists who are also charter members of Jews For A Second Holocaust, too but the difference between them and Lerner is they at least get to have their necks placed in the noose along with every other Jew in Israel for the idiocy they advocate - if G-d forbid, it came to happen.

Lerner doesn't and he's not entitled to lecture to Israel to take risks from the safety of California. He should sit down and shut up and until he shares the fate of other Israelis, his so called advice to them ain't worth a hill of beans. I too, live in America but I don't tell Israel to stick its neck out trusting in the goodwill of its enemies. Just the opposite.

Lerner knows too much and has learned the value of nothing.


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