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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Red Cross attacks Israel over Gaza find

Israel has a long and painful history with the International Red Cross.
The passport used by Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann to escape Europe to Argentina has suddenly been found and will soon be placed on display at a Holocaust museum in Buenos Aires.

The passport was issued by the Red Cross, which for more than fifty years refused to admit Israel's Magen David Adom, eventually agreeing to its admission [in 2006] with a secular non-symbol. The Red Cross has also arranged housing for terrorists in Gaza and helped Hezbullah terrorists escape from the IDF in Lebanon.
The Red Cross has never visited Israeli prisoners held by 'Palestinian' and other Arab terror organizations. Not Gilad Shalit. Not Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser HY"D (may God avenge their blood). Not Ron Arad. Not Zack Baumol.

Ambulances of the Red Crescent - the Red Cross' Muslim affiliate - have been used to transport suicide bombers and other terrorists.

It would not be unreasonable for Israelis to believe that the Red Cross is biased against them. In fact, most of us do believe that.

So you can imagine that many of us will react with some skepticism to this Washington Post report (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
The International Committee of the Red Cross said Thursday that it had found at least 15 bodies and several children -- emaciated but alive -- in a row of shattered houses in the Gaza Strip and accused the Israeli military of preventing ambulances from reaching the site for four days.

Red Cross officials said rescue crews had received specific reports of casualties in the houses and had been trying since Saturday to send ambulances to the area, located in Zaytoun, a neighborhood south of Gaza City. They said the Israeli military did not grant permission until Wednesday afternoon.

In an unusual public statement issued by its Geneva headquarters, the Red Cross called the episode "unacceptable" and said the Israeli military had "failed to meet its obligation under international humanitarian law to care for and evacuate the wounded."

When rescue workers from the Red Cross and the Palestinian Red Crescent arrived at the site, they found 12 corpses lying on mattresses in one home, along with four young children lying next to their dead mothers, the Red Cross said. The children were too weak to stand and were rushed to a hospital, the agency said.

A spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces declined to comment early Thursday on the specific allegations made by the Red Cross but said in a statement that the military "has demonstrated its willingness to abort operations to save civilian lives and to risk injury in order to assist innocent civilians."

"Any serious allegations made against the IDF's conduct will need to be investigated properly, once such a complaint is received formally," the statement added.
There are many questions that need to be answered here. Did the Red Cross find what it says it found? Did the Israelis prevent them since Saturday (that sure strains credibility) from going to this row of houses? Why were these people in those houses in the first place? (Because Hamas put them there as human shields).

It's way too early to jump to conclusions on this. But you can bet that the media and the moonbats will jump to conclusions, Israel will be roundly condemned, and Hamas will try to make hay from these people's deaths and their discovery. But just remember one thing: There's a war in Gaza because Hamas refuses to stop shooting rockets at Israel. The war started in response to Hamas rocket fire and it's not ending because Hamas refuses to end that rocket fire. Ultimately, it is Hamas that caused these people's deaths.

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At 7:09 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Red Cross which has never been concerned about the well-being of Jews, suddenly finds the time to criticize Israel over its alleged refusal to providd life-saving aid to emaciated civilians in Gaza. (Hint: what country has established a three hour lull in the current fighting to enable humanitarian aid to be secured to civilians in Gaza?) That's all that really needs to be said about this so-called humanitarian organization. Its beneath giving it notice.

At 7:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the video of the trapped Arabs on Israeli TV, I believe last night.

It was not at all clear that the IDF prevented the Red Cross from arriving or that perhaps it was still an active combat zone up until prior to the RC's entrance.

The house was either hit directly as a target, which it very well may have been or it was colateral damage from a hit nearby.

Who knows! There's a war going on. No army scribbles down a detailed diary of why this and that house were targeted.

As pointed out, the ICRC has a hsitory of indifference when it comes to Jewish victims. Let 'em rot, along with the UN and the EU.


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