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Monday, January 26, 2009

'Palestinian Authority' sheltering and paying Islamic Jihad terrorists

We keep hearing that the 'Palestinian Authority' now has real 'police' who are maintaining law and order and fighting terror. While I would dispute how real those 'police' are, this report is simply outrageous. The 'Palestinian police' are sheltering Islamic Jihad terrorists (Hat Tip: FrontPageMagazine).
Col. Radi Assidah, the Palestinian Authority's security commander in the Jenin area, said over the weekend that his force is protecting and providing shelter to Islamic Jihad fugitives.

A number of Islamic Jihad activists wanted by Israel recently handed themselves over to the PA security forces in the city out of fear that they would be killed or arrested by Israel, Assidah said.

The PA security commander's statements came in response to allegations by Hamas and Islamic Jihad that his forces were holding "political prisoners" in PA jails.

Assidah said the Islamic Jihad men arrived about five months ago at the headquarters of the PA security forces in Jenin to seek sanctuary until their cases with Israel were resolved.

"They sought refuge with us," he said. "Since then we have been hosting them in our headquarters. They are not prisoners and they are entitled to leave whenever they want."
Oh, and that money that the US, Europe and Israel are providing to the 'Palestinian Authority'? Guess what it's going for again....
Assidah also revealed that the PA government of Salaam Fayad was paying the wanted Islamic Jihad men monthly salaries.
But let's keep pouring billions of dollars in 'aid' into the 'Palestinian Authority,' eh Europe?


At 3:49 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl - the fiction has to be maintained there are Palestinian "moderates." Do yourself a favor and head over to the New York Times to read Tom Friedman's column from Sunday, especially the end. Naivete and stupidity, it appears, is by no means limited only to Israeli politicians.

Tom Friedman This Is Not A Test

This is the funniest recap I've ever read but seemingly intelligent people take that kind of nonsensical farrago seriously:

So, just to recap: It’s five to midnight and before the clock strikes 12 all we need to do is rebuild Fatah, merge it with Hamas, elect an Israeli government that can freeze settlements, court Syria and engage Iran — while preventing it from going nuclear — just so we can get the parties to start talking. Whoever lines up all the pieces of this diplomatic Rubik’s Cube deserves two Nobel Prizes.

Read it all.


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