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Saturday, January 31, 2009

How much longer will Jews stay in Venezuela? UPDATED: Back to the 1930's in Venezuela

A Caracas synagogue was vandalized on Friday night with Sifrei Torah (Torah scrolls) damaged and slogans calling for Jews to leave painted on the synagogue's walls. The slogans were not against Israel, but against Jews.

Earlier this week, Israel expelled all Venezuelan diplomats from the country in response to Venezuela expelling all Israeli diplomats last week.


This is from a Simon Wiesenthal Center release from Thursday, less than 24 hours before the synagogue was vandalized (Hat Tip: Gudrun E.).
“There is a well-orchestrated campaign on TV, radio, print and Internet media owned by the government, openly questioning Israelis right to exist, even including publication of such anti-Semitic materials as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A group of pro-government journalists is urging the population to boycott of businesses owned by Jews in Venezuela,” they added.

Most frightening was a 'plan of action' published in a pro-government digital newspaper, Aporrea.org, giving direction against Venezuela’s Jewish community which included:
- publicly denouncing by name, the members of powerful Jewish groups in Venezuela, names of their companies and businesses in order to boycott them

- avoiding products, stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and where Kosher food is sold which either belongs or has links with 'Zionist Jews'

- questioning the existence of Jewish educational institutions

- shouting pro-Palestine and anti-Israel slogans at Jews on the street

- inviting anti-Zionist Jews living in Venezuela to publicly express their disassociation from 'Zionist war crimes' and the imposition of artificial State of Israel on Palestine

- nationalization of companies, confiscation of properties of those Jews who support the Zionist atrocities of the Nazi-State of Israel, and donate this property to the Palestinian victims of today’s Holocaust

- sending all type of aid to Palestinians including weapons

- hacking pro-Zionist websites including governments or institutions that have relations with Israel

- organizing an international conference about the creation of the theocratic - Nazi state of Israel as a genocidal European colony, and about the myths and facts of the alleged Jewish Holocaust or Holohoax (a blackmailing industry)

- support the dissolution of the artificial State of Israel
Lovely, just lovely. Sounds more like Nazi Germany than like Iran.


Here's more from Al-AP.
An armed group vandalized Caracas' oldest synagogue, shattering religious objects and spray-painting walls in what Jewish leaders called the worst attack ever on their community in Venezuela.

Two security guards were overpowered by about 15 people who ransacked the synagogue's sanctuary and offices late Friday, leaving graffiti such as: We don't want murderers, and Jews, get out.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro condemned the attack and promised it would be investigated, while reiterating his government's opposition to what he called Israel's criminal government.

"We respect the Jewish people, but we ask respect for the people of Palestine and their right to life," Maduro said in a ceremony called to welcome home two Venezuelan diplomats expelled from Israel this week.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry ordered the envoys to leave after Venezuela expelled all Israeli diplomats on January 6th, to protest Israel's offensive in the Gaza strip. President Hugo Chavez labeled Israeli leaders as genocidal.
At least those Jews have a place to go. Imagine if Chavez got his way and there was no Israel....


At 9:15 PM, Blogger Findalis said...

I'm sure that Israel will welcome with open arms their Venezuelan brothers and sisters. And Chavez will have to find some new scientists, doctors, and engineers. Not to mention Jewlers and bankers.

It would be a win/win situation for Israel.

At 4:02 AM, Blogger robert said...

One thing that Americans can do is to BOYCOTT all CITGO gas stations in the US--they are all owned by Venezuela

At 4:08 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Venezuelan Jews need to get out and move to Israel. There's little reason to remain in a country where their lives are in danger and in which its Castroite regime is progressively extinguishing all remaining freedoms.

At 5:37 AM, Blogger Outrider said...

In this day and age these actions are nothing short of astounding.

It would be prudent for Venezuelan Jews to immigrate to Israel, but this doesn't resolve this open sore of a country and their policies. World opinion needs to soundly condemn the actions of Chavez and his country.

I know. Won't happen. Mass immigration seems to be the only way to go and it will certainly be Venezuela's loss.

And lowers the quality of civilization in the world just a little bit more and more.

At 6:14 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Outrider, I don't quite agree. What is Venezuela's loss is Israel's gain. Strengthening Israel's Jewish population with more Jews is the true answer to anti-Semites. Jews now have a refuge and a homeland to return to. And more Jews are a deterrent against any one contemplating Israel's destruction.

Let Hugo Chavez and his fellow Jew-hating ilk in this world go to hell!


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