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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hamas claims victory

Osama Hamdan has gone on al-Jazeera and claimed victory on behalf of Hamas. They say they won't stop until the last soldier leaves Gaza. So does Hamas spokesman in Gaza Fawzi Barhoum.

But Hamas has already agreed to a cease fire with the Egyptians and to give Israel a week to get organized and leave Gaza and then one year of quiet. As of tonight Hamas says it won't tie the reopening of the crossing points to Gilad Shalit's release.

Hamas is capable of cease fire - they did it in 2003 and 2005.

Hamas will need to exert itself to deter Gazans from rising up against it.


That's all from Israel Radio. I don't buy it. I think Hamas is going to keep right on fighting. You don't have to deter people who are afraid to come out. And Hamas thinks the world won't let Israel wipe them out. The Israel Radio commentator thinks they'll go back to drips and drabs of shooting over the next several days. If that happens and we withdraw, what have we accomplished?


At 11:49 PM, Blogger Eliyahu in Shilo said...

"The Israel Radio commentator thinks they'll go back to drips and drabs of shooting over the next several days. If that happens and we withdraw, what have we accomplished?"

Not a damn thing.

At 12:01 AM, Blogger Just Cause said...

I suspect you're right that Hamas will keep fighting. I watched the announcement on Sky News and they said that this was a unilateral ceasefire, is that correct?

The way Israel have been treated in the media over here (UK) is a disgrace. The way that Hamas propaganda has been taken as gospel and spewed out without balance sickens me to the core. Even though I can see through it, it's infuriating because I can see the left wing moonbats lapping it up.

It'll be interesting to see if the protests planned for tomorrow take place given this announcement. I'm actually hoping they do because I suspect without the military action in Gaza their true motivation (anti-Semitism) will shine through and more and more people will start to put 2 and 2 together and realise the true motivation behind these Islamofascist scum.

Best regards!


At 1:10 AM, Blogger Omri Ceren said...

Carl - are you sure about Hamas delinking Shalit from the border crossings. Reshet Bet was reporting the exact opposite a few minutes ago...?

At 1:23 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

All we know are two things: Israel did not ask for a unilateral surrender on Hamas' part even though it is well within the IDF's power to enforce such a demand and it did not condition an end to the fighting on the return of Gilad Shalit. This cannot be characterized as a military victory when you leave the enemy alive and free to fight another day. Instituting a unilateral ceasefire is beyond stupid. The people of Israel did not ask their government to stop the fighting on their behalf.

At 1:26 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1:27 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Just Cause... Hamas will keep shooting at the IDF and rocketing Israel to underline to Israelis their government's stupidity, fecklessness and incompetence. The one thing it will not do is give Olmert, Livni and Barak the opportunity to declare this war was a win for Israel.

At 7:42 AM, Blogger Captain USpace said...

Hamas will never honor a ceasefire, and as soon as they start firing rockets again, Israel must too.

These people equating Israel with the Nazis have to be insane, and they are mostly from the Left. The Left acting like Nazis and calling for a new Hitler, and for the Jews to go to the ovens, wow! Hitler, someone even most of them would say they hate. The Left, many are anti-semitic Nazis, they should be so proud. The truth is coming out, it is getting harder to hide.

The MSM is insidious, they are instrumental in fanning these flames. We must keep trying to de-brainwash as many people as possible. As the brave Geert Wilders put it recently, "To begin with, there is already a Palestinian state, and that is Jordan. This land covers nearly eighty percent of the historic Palestine. Most residents of Jordan are Palestinians, for instance queen Rania."

Why doesn't Jordan take the poor Palestinians in the West Bank and Egypt control the nut jobs in Gaza?

They don't want them, that's why. They should be made to take them. That may be the only answer.

Hamas is what makes Gaza much worse than it could be. If they would give up the dream of destroying Israel and the Jews and stopped all missiles and suicide bombers, and all terrorist attacks, Israel would welcome doing business with them, and things would be peaceful. But they can't do this as long as they follow their Koran strictly.

There is no negotiating with a mad man, or with Jihadis who want to die to go get their 72 virgins.
I hope Israel doesn't quit too early. If Israel is destroyed, terrorism in the rest of the world will just increase, it will never stop, as long as there are Radical Muslims, or rather, Muslim Fundamentalists; who are appeased, defended, and kissed up to.
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