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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ging invites Mitchell to visit Gaza

UNRWA director John Ging invited new US Middle East envoy George Mitchell (pictured) to visit Gaza.
Ging expressed his hopes that new US Middle East envoy George Mitchell will talk to ordinary people in Gaza as part of a "new track" in diplomacy.

"My first request to the US administration is talk to the ordinary people in Gaza. Come to Gaza and talk to the ordinary people - the mothers, fathers, leaders of civil society, the people who are not involved in politics," said Ging.
Yeah, come to Gaza, come stay with friends. Anyone remember what happened the last time a diplomat tried to visit Gaza?
Quartet envoy and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has canceled a trip he had scheduled to Gaza on Tuesday citing 'security concerns' and 'specific threats' against him.
Blair's visit, set for Tuesday, was to be his first trip to the coastal territory since the Islamic group Hamas seized control of Gaza a year ago.

Blair was expected to meet with traders and inspect a northern Gaza waste water project being built with international funds.

Hamas was to have provided security for Blair's trip. Although Hamas has mostly pacified once lawless Gaza, shadowy extremist groups are still believe to operate in Gaza.
Something tells me Mitchell won't be going to Gaza anytime soon.


At 3:07 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Hamas is extreme but there even more extreme terror groups operating in Gaza. George Mitchell can talk of Northern Ireland all he wants but Fatah and Hamas are not the IRA and the Ulster Unionists.


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