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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gazans run for cover as IAF jets fly over

Gazans ran for cover this afternoon as IAF F-16's flew over the coastal strip, leading to fears of a new bombing campaign.
Flights by Israel Air Force F-16s over Gaza on Sunday sparked fears in the coastal territory that a new Israeli military offensive was underway.

A number of banks, government offices and schools in Gaza were closed as the warplanes flew through the Hamas-ruled Strip's skies. Shops were also closed in the center of Gaza City, and Gaza residents left the streets for the safety of their homes.

Israel launched its 3-week offensive in Gaza last month with a devastating air raid on Hamas targets throughout the Strip.
Earth to Assad, Meshaal and Haniyeh (wherever you are): Remind me again. Who won this war?


By the way, for those wondering what the IAF was doing, my guess is the same thing that they do when they fly over Lebanon: Watch what the terrorists are up to so that they know where the weapons are the next time.


At 7:31 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Hamas has better used to the fact those overflights are going to be a fact of life. Israel will not allow them to use the ceasefire to surreptitiously rearm themselves. If they thought they could do that without Israel putting them under around the clock observation, that illusion has now been dispelled.

Incidentally, Hamas' objective in the wake of the war is not bread and butter for its own people. Its guns and rockets.


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