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Saturday, December 27, 2008

War in Gaza!

Shavua tov - a good week to everyone.

Israelis have certainly had enough. Has their government?

'Palestinians' killed an Israeli and wounded seven others with Kassam fire over the Sabbath and the IDF may have finally been unleashed. 200 'Palestinians' have been killed.
The IDF began its long-awaited attack on Hamas-controlled Gaza at 11:30 AM Saturday, and according to initial reports managed to catch Hamas off-guard, after deliberately sending soldiers home on furloughs Thursday to create the impression that a military strike was not imminent.

The operation is codenamed "Cast Lead" – a phrase taken from a well known Chanukah song which refers to "cast-lead draydels."

At least 80 IAF aircraft, including both jets and helicopters, struck pre-selected targets in Gaza, reportedly dropping at least 100 tons of ordinance. According to Arab sources in Gaza, the death toll there is 200. By 7:00 PM, one report said it had reached 205.

Gaza terror squads kept firing rockets at Israeli civilians. One of these rockets hit a home in Netivot, killing one civilian and wounding six others.


Gaza terror squads fired more than 60 rockets by 5:30 PM: 21 at Netivot, 20 at Ofakim, 13 at Ashkelon and seven at Sderot.


The IDF Spokesman published the following announcement in the early evening hours:

"Since this morning, the IDF attacked dozens of targets affiliated with the Hamas terror organization in the Gaza Strip. The targets included command centers, training camps, various Hamas installations, rocket manufacturing facilities and storage warehouses.

"The vast majority of the casualties are terror operatives; most of whom were wearing uniform and working on behalf of terror organizations.

"The operation is ongoing and will continue for as long as is necessary, pending security assessments by the General Staff the IDF Chief of Staff.

"The IDF wishes to emphasize that secrecy and the element of surprise were central to the implementation of the operation.

"The IDF also wishes to inform the Israeli public that it must prepare itself for continued rocket fire by Hamas. The patience and resilience of the Israeli public is required.

"The Israeli public is requested to listen to IDF Spokesperson Announcements and follow directions given by the Home Front Command in order to ensure their safety."
I'm amazed that any of the terror operatives were wearing uniforms - one of their hallmarks is that they are usually dressed in civilian clothes.

But if this sounds familiar to all of you, it should. You may recall that the Second Lebanon War opened with a lot of successful air strikes. At the end of the day, the only way to stop the rocket fire is for Israel to undertake a ground operation and stand in Gaza and stop it - just like it has done in Judea and Samaria. I doubt this government has the willpower to do that.


At 2:20 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Its probably just for show, in the hope airpower will be sufficient to force Hamas to stand down with its rocket attacks. I doubt it will get the job done.


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