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Friday, November 28, 2008

Pre-Sabbath link dump

I'm doing it a little bit early today, because it's a very short Friday and I have work to do. Here are some of the stories I'm not going to get to this week.

Twisted political group offers Jew-bashing Christmas concert (Hark the Heralds angels sing?)

An anti-Semite's Christmas (And it's still nearly a month away!)

The miller's tale (again) (It would be nice to see Aaron Miller admit that there is no 'peace partner' on the Arab side of any front).

Here are a couple of people who need some help:

Know anyone high-up in Maccabi? (Who can approve Herceptin for a great blogger who is desperately ill).

Life-saving help for our friend's child! (Can you put up a $125,000 'deposit' so that Sloan Kettering will treat a young child with a Neuroblastoma? Warning - heart-breaking photo of the child at the link. Maybe you all SHOULD see that one).

And in case I don't get back on later, Shabbat Shalom everyone.


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