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Friday, November 28, 2008

Last pre-Sabbath update from Chabad House in Mumbai - VIDEO ADDED

These are the last couple entries from Yeshiva World News' liveblog of events at the Chabad House (Nariman House) in Mumbai:

UPDATE Fri 7:58 AM EST / 2:58 PM IL: Mumbai officials reporting all four terrorists in the Chabad House have been killed. There is a large crowd outside the building that appears to be attempting to rush police barricades. There is total chaos at that location after 45 hours of fighting at numerous venues in Mumbai.

At present, NSG commandos have left the structure with their arms raised in a show of victory but still no word on Chabad Shaliach Rav Gavriel Holtzberg and the other hostages.

UPDATE Fri 8:04 AM EST / 3:04 PM IL: As has been the case for the past 45 hours, reports are conflicting and there is much disinformation. NSG officials according to IBN Live are now reporting there is one more floor to secure in the Chabad House.

A group of locals estimated to be about 600 have broken through the police barricade after NSG commandos emerged from the Chabad House with their arms raised in a sign of victory.

Unfortunately, despite what may be premature celebrations at the Chabad House, there is no word regarding the Rav, his rebbitzin and the other hostages being held.

Police are now busying themselves with crowd control outside Chabad House.

UPDATE Fri 8:09 AM EST / 3:09 PM IL: Mumbai official Police Commissioner Hasan Gafoor stated moments ago that the situation at the Chabad House that the situation has not been neutralized and fighting continues. There is NO information regarding hostages inside the structure. He did express optimism however that the situation will come to an end in the near future, but did not give a timetable.

Regarding the Oberoi Hotel, he adds that on Thursday and Friday, they recovered 30 bodies, including locals and foreign nationals.

At the Taj Hotel he reports one terrorist still at large, firing at security forces and hurling hand grenades.

UPDATE Fri 8:27 AM EST / 3:27 PM IL: Mumbai security officials operating at the scene of the Chabad House report NSG commando forces are now working to secure the last floor of the structure. They are stressing the operation is NOT over despite earlier reports to the contrary.

UPDATE Fri 8:32 AM EST / 3:32 PM IL: Mumbai officials are reporting “some hostages” have been taken out of the Chabad House and are on their way to hospital. This is NOT confirmed by officials sources. ZAKA volunteers operating in Mumbai are now on their way to the hospital in the hope of learning more.

UPDATE Fri 8:39AM EST / 3:39PM IL: IBNLive.com & CNN both report: Five jostages have been killed in the Chabad House.

UPDATE Fri 8:43 AM EST / 3:43 PM IL: IBNLive.com: Commandos were trying to attack the second floor from the ground while other forces were operating from the rooftop. It appears the terrorists relocated. At present, IBNLive.com is reporting NSG forces are confirming they have seen the bodies of five hostages in the Chabad House.

It appears the operation in the Chabad House is not over as reported earlier. Unfortunately, there may be no survivors. We urge Am Yisrael to continue tefillos at this time as Erez Yisrael prepares to usher in the Shabbos.

UPDATE Fri 8:47AM EST / 3:47PM IL: Ironically, the euphoria at the Chabad House was short lived and now, the situation appears to have taken a turn for the worse. All reports from various agencies point to the fact that the hostages in the Chabad House have been murdered by the terrorists.

We hope that this report will be incorrect, as have been many during the past 45 hours and we continue tefillos on behalf of the hostages. There are NO reports from official Israel Foreign Ministry sources or ZAKA in India at this time, and we use this to provide additional hope towards a good end to the situation.

This will be the last update provided from the YWN Israel Bureau, and the reports that follow will continue in real-time from the NYC office.

YWN continues to monitor the situation, and will bring you the latest as soon as we have confirmed information from our highly credible sources.

I hope and pray that the Holtzbergs and the other hostages at Chabad House in Mumbai are okay, but I have feared the worst since Thursday afternoon. Keep praying for them.

Here's a CBS news video in which one of the now-freed hostages describes how 'lucky' he is to be alive. Let's go to the videotape.

Shabbat Shalom.


At 4:22 PM, Blogger What is "Occupation" said...

Every Jew should own a gun, get trained, get permits to carry...


At 4:59 PM, Blogger PM said...

not only every jew, every democracy and freedom loving person must own a gun, and must get trained to handle such conditions...

Pali pigs tried often to shoot Israelis in Jerusalem... but as public knows how to fight back.. the attacks were low profile..

Here people were helpless, not only because they don't know how to use guns like many in europe too... but also because they were not mentally prepared to face such attack.....

At 8:33 AM, Blogger etabori said...

British Hate Preacher Choudary Gloats Over Mumbai Terror Attacks


Anjem Choudary: "Any Brits killed had only themselves to blame."

British hate preacher Anjem Choudary blamed the Mumbai attacks on Great Britain.
Choudary has spoken out about conquering Great Britain from the outside.
The Daily Star reported:
HATE preacher Anjem Choudary last night praised the slaughter of 125 people in Mumbai.

And in a vile rant he said any Brits killed had only themselves to blame for being on the “battlefield” in the war Muslims nuts are waging against the world.

Extremist Choudary, 41, the right-hand man of exiled cleric Omar Bakri, 50, and former leader of banned hate group al-Muhajiroun, said the attacks were revenge for the West’s “crusades” against Islam.

Outspoken Choudary, whose family live on £25,000-a-year benefits in London, raged: “Any Britons or Americans who visit Muslim countries are entering a battlefield and risk being used as hostages by al-Qaida to publicise its cause.”

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

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