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Sunday, November 09, 2008

'Israeli Arab' who assisted in terror attack barred from running for Mayor

An 'Israeli Arab' who assisted in carrying out a 2003 terror attack in Jerusalem has been barred from running for Mayor of Sakhnin, an 'Israeli Arab' town in the Galilee. I'd bet she would have won too.
Tagrid Sa'adi, convicted of assisting a foreign agent in carrying out a terror attack, decided to withdraw her candidacy for mayor of Sakhnin following an appeal against it which was submitted to the High Court of Justice on Sunday.

In the terror attack in Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda market in April 2003 six Israelis were murdered. Sa'adi, a 25-year-old resident of Sakhnin, was released from jail earlier this year. She served a six-year prison term after being convicted of conspiring with Palestinians who were involved in murderous attacks against Israelis.

Following the appeal submitted by the Movement for Quality Government, the State's representative told the court that Sa'adi's name would not be struck from the Hadash party's list of candidates, but she will be prohibited from serving in the Sakhnin city council even if she is elected.

"Sa'adi was not eligible to run in local elections since the beginning of the campaign and is not eligible to serve as council member even if she is elected," the State said in its statement.

According to attorney Gilad Sherman, representing the State, Sa'adi issued a false statement according to which she was eligible to run and her candidacy was approved based on her claims.

The false statement, however, was revealed only a few days, and the election authority can no longer change candidate lists. As such, Sa'adi's name will not be struck off the list, the State said.
Hadash is a mixed Jewish-Arab party. But don't be too surprised to see them supporting terror. It has happened before.

Israel's local elections are Tuesday, November 11.


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