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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why is the West funding Abu Mazen?

In a JPost op-ed on Tuesday, Palestinian Media Watch founder Itamar Marcus asked why the West is continuing to fund Abu Mazen's 'Palestinian' television.
The Norwegian foreign minister is certainly not evil. Neither are other Europeans. Neither are the Americans, whose recent agreement to give the PA an additional $150 million puts their 2008 aid to the PA at more than $700 million - more than the US pledged at a donors' conference in December 2007.

But these countries throw money at Abbas's feet with such infatuation you'd think he was a clone of Mother Teresa. Unfortunately, if his messages to Palestinian children are any indicator, Abbas seems far more like the clone of his predecessor, the terror lord Yasser Arafat, than a peacemaker.

Defending his Abbas spending spree, Støre said: "This [PA-Fatah TV] channel cannot be said to engage in indoctrination of children or denying Israel's right to exist..." and he added his objection to TV being used for "spreading hate or inciting terrorism," which he indicated is not being done by PA TV.

UNFORTUNATELY HE is completely wrong. During the 11 years of PMW's existence, there has never been a period of such intense demonization of Israel, continuous hate promotion and denial of Israel's existence by the PA (Fatah)-controlled media as during the 11 months since the Annapolis Conference.

Jews and Israelis are being demonized by the PA through malicious libels - including the lies that Israel intentionally spreads AIDS and drugs among Palestinians, conducts Nazi-like medical experiments on Palestinian prisoners, took Palestinian babies in 1948 to bring up as Jews and is planning to destroy the Aksa Mosque. A PA TV "historical" documentary featured hateful fabrications, including videos of dead bodies filmed in Lebanon in 1982 that PA TV falsely presented as evidence of a so-called Israeli "massacre" in 1948. Israel is even said to be breeding supernatural rats to chase Arabs who live in Jerusalem.

As far as recognizing Israel, Abbas's TV is no different than Hamas TV - unequivocally denying Israel's existence and right to exist. Note these recent TV examples in which young Palestinian children were given scripts repeating that Israel from Metulla to Eilat is "occupied Palestine," eventually to be "returned."

Child: "My name is Hiyam and I'm from occupied Safad."

Child: "My name is Raad and I'm from occupied Acre."

Child: "My name is Arhaf from occupied Haifa. I hope that Palestine will return and that we will defend it."

Following this staged segment, a child called in and said: "I'm from Beersheba." The PA TV host quickly corrected: "From the occupied Beersheba... of course, from the occupied Negev. We bless all our children of the Negev and I'm very happy that our children from the occupied areas in Palestine are calling, those [areas] which Israel occupies."

Question on a children's TV quiz: Child host: "List Palestinian ports." (Correct answer): "The Haifa port, Jaffa, Ashkelon, Eilat, Ashdod and Gaza."

Child host: "What is the size of the state of Palestine?"

Haidar: "27,000 sq. km."

Host: "Correct ." Judea and Samaria - called the West Bank - and the Gaza Strip reach only 6,000 sq. km. The only way to reach an area of 27,000 sq. km. is to include pre-1967 Israel, thereby creating a "state of Palestine" that is in place of Israel.

These are but a few of endless examples of indoctrination.
Read the whole thing.

The better question is why the West is bothering to fund Abu Mazen and his 'good terrorists' from Fatah at all. Is it wishful thinking or latent anti-Semitism? Either way, an objective look at the situation would indicate that Israel has no partner for peace.


At 9:04 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Yesterday in Channel0 evening news, the "Free Gaza" crowd was repeatedly called "peili shalom" (peace activists). The correct description, of course, would have been "tomchei Hamas" (Hamas supporters).

If even Israeli media buy into the Palestinian propaganda how can we foult European people and governments?


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