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Monday, October 06, 2008

Syria rooting for Obama

At the end of a lengthy and interesting column about the current thinking of the Syrian regime, Syrian web site editor Ayman Abdel Nour discloses that the Assad regime is banking on Barack Hussein Obama being the next President of the United States.
And it will bank on Barack Obama becoming president of the United States. The Syrian regime is trying to reach out to his advisers, among them Robert Maly [Malley. CiJ], Daniel Kurtz [Kurtzer. CiJ] and Hernando de Soto, all of whom it has officially invited to Syria.
Look at the bright side. As far as I can tell, Obama hasn't hired Josh Landis (Assad's number one supporter among American academics) yet.


At 9:17 PM, Blogger ToddK said...

Great find. I almost missed it.
Keep doing what you're doing, you work is fantastic.
I have posted this on my blog.

At 9:02 AM, Blogger Editor said...

One day after the election: Obama rehires and sends Arafat's motek [Malley] to Syria and Egypt


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