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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Biden lied: Obama backed 'Palestinian elections' with Hamas

During Thursday night's debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden, Biden claimed that Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama did not back 'Palestinian elections' that included Hamas. I questioned that statement in this post on Friday. Here's the proof that I was right (Hat Tip: Charles).
FLIP-FLOP #4: Obama Now Claims That He Opposed Palestinian Elections In 2006, But He Supported Them At That Time:

Obama Says That He Opposed Palestinian Elections In 2006. Obama: "There is no room at the negotiating table for terrorist organizations. That is why I opposed holding elections in 2006 with Hamas on the ballot. The Israelis and the Palestinian Authority warned us at the time against holding these elections, but this administration pressed ahead. And the result is a Gaza controlled by Hamas, with rockets raining down on Israel." (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At The Annual AIPAC Policy Conference, Arlington, VA, 6/4/08)

But During His 2006 Trip To The Middle East, Obama Met With Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas And Said The Election Represented An "Opportunity...To Consolidate Behind A Single Government." "Illinois Senator Barack Obama's journey to the Middle East took him to the West Bank Thursday for a meeting with the man elected to replace Yasser Arafat. ... For a time Thursday in the West Bank there was only the clatter of cameras as the newly elected president of the Palestinian authority, Mahmoud Abbas, met with Illinois Senator Barack Obama. At a meeting with Palestinian students Thursday, Obama said the U.S. will never recognize winning Hamas candidates unless the group renounces its fundamental mission to eliminate Israel, and Obama told ABC7 he delivered that message to the Palestinian president. 'Part of the opportunity here with this upcoming election is to consolidate behind a single government with a single authority that can then negotiate as a reliable partner with Israel,' said Obama." (Chuck Goudie, "Obama Meets With Arafat's Successor," ABC 7 News, http://obama.senate.gov, 1/12/06)

The Palestinian News Agency WAFA Reported That Obama Was Supportive Of The Palestinian Elections Being Held At Their Scheduled Time. "President Mahmoud Abbas met Thursday with the U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), in the Presidential HQ in Ramallah...President briefed the U.S. Senator about the latest developments in the Palestinian territories including the preparations for the legislative elections.... Abbas and Obama discussed the means of underpinning the American-Palestinian economic relations...Obama asserted the US supports and eager that the Palestinian legislative elections on its proposed time (January 25)."

("President Meets U.S. Senator And Armenian Delegation," WAFA, http://english.wafa.ps, 1/12/06)
Liar, liar, pants on fire!


At 2:58 AM, Blogger knowitall said...

Doesn't surprise me that Obama gaffed, because we all know foreign policy isn't his area. Too bad the liberal illuminati can't pick areas, because he and Biden are both in control!


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