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Saturday, September 27, 2008

IAF pilot kicks the $%#@ out of two Bedouin

I wish I had this on video.

An IAF pilot driving to work in southern Israel on Thursday was harassed by two Bedouin who tried to cause an accident. Eventually, the Bedouin managed to force the pilot to the side of the road, where they were in for a little surprise.
When the pilot got out of his car, one of the Bedouins attempted to slap him. Unfortunately for the attackers, it turned out that the pilot is not only proficient in flying aircraft, but also in hand-to-hand combat. After a short struggle, both Bedouins were on the ground, moaning in pain.

As the pilot arrived at the Nevatim army base, he reported the incident to his commanding officer, who informed police. When police officers arrived at the scene, both Bedouins were not there, supposedly carried off by their friends. According to information acquired by police, the two were badly beaten up.

The Negev District Police said that the incident is being investigated and that efforts are underway to locate the two attackers.


At 6:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am upset that the pilot didn't do the right thing and call the police right then and there so that these two thugs would spend their near future lives behind bars. Now they'll return to find someone who isn't as proficient and hand-to-hand and exact their revenge. Stupid.

At 6:39 AM, Blogger Batya said...

Carl, you know that if it happened in YESHA, the Jew would be in jail, even if the thugs weren't found. The police would just ask some Arabs to volunteer. Forget about truth, Justice and...


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