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Friday, August 01, 2008

Olmert's shoulders

This is the lead in to an editorial in Thursday's New York Sun.
A joke in Israel has it that the Knesset, fed up with corruption among elected officials, passed a law. Every guilty official must walk into the Mediterranean to a depth consistent with the degree of guilt. So Haim Ramon, accused of kissing a woman who merely wanted a photograph, goes out up to his ankles. Finance Minister Hirchson, guilty of financial shenanigans, goes in up to his knees. President Katzav, guilty of serial sexual harassment, goes in until the Mediterranean laps his chin. Someone walking by on shore calls, "Katzav, why are you only out to where the water is up to your chin?" The disgraced president replies, "I'm standing on Olmert's shoulders."
By the way, there's also a serious part to the editorial:
The next Israeli government will inherit the remains of these policies. It is a time to remember that through much of its history, Israel has inspired millions at home and abroad. It has rarely done this with a retreat. It has done it with its commitment and daring, with its willingness to base its actions on the rightness of its cause. We have no doubt that an Israel that acts and advances will inspire the world anew, not to mention its own people. And that whoever is elected premier will have the good will of not only the Diaspora but of the Americans who have comprehended the idea of a Jewish restoration in Israel since the founding days of our own republic.
Unfortunately, for the time being, we are likely to get more retreat (Livni).


At 12:54 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Israeli Left wants to dismantle the country than hand it over to religious Jews. For them - a Jewish State with the emphasis upon the "Jewish" part is repellent. Which is why they have no problems making common cause with Israel's enemies. As did Ehud Olmert and I suspect any likely successor in Israel's post-Zionist elite.

At 1:19 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Hat Tip To Carl:

Last winter we had the infamous story break of a female grad students who claimed Israeli soldiers NOT raping Arab women was an act of "racism." Well it seems the professor who supervised her silly thesis was just busted for rape. Its another instance of the decline of ethical as well as academic standards at the Hebrew University.

We get this from the Jewish Press Blog this morning about one Ari Ben Eyal:

Professor Who Thinks Racism Is Rape

Turns out he raped Jewish women and by his own standards, he's a self-confessed racist to boot when he left Arab women alone! So not only is the Hebrew University home to Tenured Leftists, its now home to Tenured Rapists! And not a peep from the feminists.


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