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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Iranian satellite launch 'a dramatic failure'

A US official told al-Reuters on Tuesday that Iran's satellite launch on Sunday was 'a dramatic failure.'
"The attempted launch failed," the official said.

"The vehicle failed shortly after liftoff and in no way reached its intended position. It could be characterized as a dramatic failure."


Iranian television showed the rocket on its launch pad, but did not show the actual lift-off.

"The failed launch shows that the purported Iranian space program is in its nascent stages at best - they have a long way to go," the US official said.
On Monday, Israeli analysts said the Iranian self-professed progress was no reason for immediate panic but was still a matter of concern - for Europe more than for Israel.

The main achievement of the Iranians was the development of a multi-stage missile, which uses several stages of burning fuel to increase its range.

Israel, analysts said, has already been under threat of Iranian long-range ballistic missiles since the development of the Shihab 3 missile.

Therefore, the Iranian report did not signify an increase in the threat to Israel, the analysts asserted, stressing that European countries were now directly threatened by the Iranian missiles' reach.
But if the multi-stage missile failed, then Europe has no cause for worry - for now.

Maybe this isn't such good news after all.


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