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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Infrastructure ministry seizes 85 tons of natural gas heading for Gaza

Inspectors from Israel's infrastructure ministry seized 1700 tanks (85 tons) of illegally manufactured natural gas from an unfortified warehouse in Ashkelon Wednesday night. The natural gas was headed for Gaza where the empty tanks would have been used to manufacture Kassam rockets.
"The tanks were in a huge warehouse that is not suited for gas storage; it was filled with wooden platforms and had no fire extinguishing system in place. It posed a very grave threat to local residents," said Shimon Ben-Shlomo, a senior inspector with the ministry. Ben-Shlomo added that this is the largest amount of gas ever seized in Israel.


According to the ministry, there is a pirate network of gas tank distribution in Israel. Most of the tanks are stolen. In this case, said Ben-Shlomo, the gas was intended to be smuggled into the Gaza Strip.

"The demand for these tanks wasn't just about the gas, but mostly because these are iron tanks – a metal that can be easily used in the manufacturing or weaponry, rocket and mortar shells," he said.
Arutz Sheva adds:
A particularly worrying risk was that of rockets from Gaza. Several have hit the industrial zone in which the warehouse was located. Ben-Shlomo pointed out that the warehouse was not fortified, and a direct hit from a Kassam or artillery piece could have caused a chain reaction of exploding gas tanks.
Note that these gas tanks came from a 'pirate network.' That means that they likely came from within 'Israel proper' and were prepared by profiteering Israeli Jews. Penny wise and pound foolish.


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