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Monday, August 18, 2008

FM Livni arranged Israeli citizenship for Abu Ala's daughter

Israeli Foreign Minister 'Tzipora' Livni arranged Israeli citizenship for the daughter of chief 'Palestinian' negotiator Ahmad Qrei Abu Ala. The daughter wanted citizenship so that she could move from the village of Abu Dis - an 'east' Jerusalem village that is outside the 'security fence' - to another part of 'east' Jerusalem that is inside the 'security fence' and thus allows access to all of Israel. Her husband lives in the part of 'east' Jerusalem that is within the 'security fence.' Under current Israeli law, this 'family reunification' requires special permission from the interior minister, which is rarely granted.
Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni used her clout to help the daughter of top Fatah-PA negotiator Ahmed Qureia (Abu Ala) to receive Israeli citizenship, [private, cable television CiJ] Channel 10 reported Sunday.

At Qureia's behest, Livni relayed the request by his daughter Mona for an ID to the Ministry of Interior, which granted her request and issued her an Israeli ID card a few weeks ago. Mona, who lives in Abu Dis, had asked to be allowed to join her husband in Israeli east Jerusalem. The husband carries a blue Israeli ID card.

Livni did not deny that she received the request from Abu Ala eight months ago. She said that she transferred the request to the Interior Ministry "as is commonly done and as is required, without any kind of interference."[REQUIRED? I don't think so. CiJ]

The Israeli law regarding marriages between a person carrying an Israeli ID and a partner in the Fatah-PA territory was changed recently, and Arabs from Judea and Samaria are no longer eligible for a blue ID card even if they marry a partner who has such a card, unless the Ministry of Interior grants special permission. This means that for Fatah-PA residents, obtaining a blue ID card is virtually impossible unless one has connections.

The card gives its carrier complete freedom of movement in Israel, as well as National Insurance Institute coverage for him and his children..

This is not the first time Qureia has used his power for the benefit of relatives, according to the report. At the Oslo talks he reportedly drew the border so that his son would retain control of two gas stations in Judea and Samaria. His son in law's factory provided concrete for building the security fence put up between Israel and the Fatah-PA in recent years.
For some people, it's all about money.

As some of you may recall, two years ago, Israel's Supreme Court barely upheld the law that allowed the government to prohibit 'Palestinians' who marry Arabs on Israel's side of the 'green line' - including 'east' Jerusalem - from moving within the 'green line.' But as you also may recall, then chief justice Barak argued that the law ought to be otherwise.

You can bet that 'family reunification' as it is known is going to be presented to the Supreme Court again. And you can bet that when it is, Livni's granting citizenship to Abu Ala's daughter is going to be Exhibit A in the bid to open the floodgates.

Livni is an existential danger to the State of Israel.


At 1:19 AM, Blogger Lois Koenig said...


/I wonder how much she made out of the deal.Does she have to share it with Olmert?

At 3:08 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

No - she doesn't. But this government is guided by corruption. The only thing that keeps it in power is how far they can enrich themselves. And here Israelis thought the "baksheesh" culture was an Arab disease. Oy vey!


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