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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

'Palestinian' terror group protests repatriation of its members' bodies

The Syria-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command has objected to the repatriation of its members' bodies to Lebanon as part of the terrorists for corpses exchange to be carried out on Wednesday. The group said that it wanted its members' bodies to remain on 'Palestinian land' as they would have wished.

The group's spokesman, Anwar Raja, told Al-AP that the group had urged Hezbullah to exclude the remains of its terrorists from the swap. He did not elaborate further.



At 7:40 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Heh. That's probably the only saving grace in this entire humiliating affair. I'd have had Samir Kuntar shot, too. There's no reason Hezbollah should get any one back alive when all Israel getting in return is its dead. In my book, that would have been more than fair.

At 10:02 PM, Blogger SC&A said...

They will release Kuntar.

In a little while, they will track him down and administer the justice he so richly deserves. They will slaughter him like the pig he is.

The Israelis will do to Kuntar and his ilk what they did to the Munich murderers.

At 8:16 AM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...


Not likely as long as this government is in power.


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