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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Interfaith 'tolerance' conference nearly comes to blows over Israel

On Friday, Debbie Schlussel reported on an interfaith 'tolerance' conference convened by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Spain so that Saudi land would not be soiled by the presence of Jews upon it. Debbie noted that the Israeli rabbi who attended, Rabbi David Rosen, could not even be listed as an Israeli in the conference literature.
Rabbi David Rosen, head of inter-religious relations for the Islamist-butt-kissing American Jewish Committee (which, in Detroit, Lewinskyizes the most extremist, Jew-hating, Hezbollah-and-HAMAS-supporting Islamic leaders and imams it can find), is an Irish-Israeli rabbi, whose presence at this fraud is being hailed by idiots as "a sign the Saudis are reaching out." But he--strangely--isn't listed as an Israeli in conference literature. Gee, I wonder why.
Well, the 'conference' reached a rather expected denouement on Friday as reported in the Macau News (Hat Tip: Dhimmi Watch).
An interfaith conference which has been held in Madrid during the week has ended on a bad note with Muslims and Jews involved in a political argument.

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah had gathered followers of the world's major faiths for the Madrid conference to seek religious reconciliation.

It has been reported that exchanges between Muslim participants and Jewish Rabbis turned to a discussion on Zionism and became overheated, almost leading to blows.

It was the first time Saudi Arabia had invited Jews to such a meeting and the aim was to avoid hot issues like the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
Dhimmi Watch points out (as did Debbie):
Yes, first time---though, of course, the invite was not to their home, Saudi Arabia, which would have made the Saudi gesture that much more sincere.
Well, Madrid is almost their home. After all, it's not far from Andalusia, which the Muslims consider part of their ummah.


At 5:50 PM, Blogger Red Tulips said...

I have had many personal exchanges with Rabbi Rosen. Let us just say he is the last man who should be part of any 'interfaith' conference.


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