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Sunday, June 15, 2008

When the World ignores terror

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby writes in Sunday's edition about Robert Mugabe's reign of terror in Zimbabwe. Mugabe's 'crackdown' hasn't attracted a lot of attention on the international scene and Jacoby knows why.
But why do the rest of us do nothing? Why is the free world so indifferent to the enormities committed by Mugabe and his bullies? Where are the demonstrations outside Zimbabwe's embassies? Where are the international boycotts, the UN resolutions, the presidential and papal condemnations? Where is the International Criminal Court indictment of Mugabe for his long career of murder, torture, and other crimes against humanity?

Let us be honest: If the people of Zimbabwe were being terrorized by a white despot - if it were a white ruling party whose goons were beating them and burning their homes - the whole world would be aroused on their behalf. Surely they deserve no less just because their oppressor is black.
Sounds a whole lot like Hamas' actions in Gaza - and the World's reaction to them. If it's only Arabs killing Arabs, no one cares.
In a letter to Abbas on the first anniversary of Hamas's violent takeover of the Gaza Strip, the Fatah members complained that the Islamic movement was continuing to target them despite the PA president's recent initiative to end the dispute between the two parties.

"We urge you to move quickly to end the criminal and terrorist actions of the Hamas militias against the sons of Fatah," the Fatah representatives wrote. "These militias are continuing to kidnap and torture our members in the Gaza Strip despite your initiative."

The letter pointed out that scores of Fatah activists in the Gaza Strip had been summoned for questioning by Hamas security forces over the past few weeks, including top Fatah officials Issam Najjar, Abdel Rahim Najjar and Abdel Rauf Abdeen.


The letter also complained that the Fatah-controlled media had stopped reporting about Hamas's practices against Fatah members in the Gaza Strip in an apparent attempt to avoid escalating tensions between the two sides. "Why has Palestine TV stopped reporting about the abduction of Fatah members in the Gaza Strip?" it asked. "Why are you sitting on the side while those who fought for you are being targeted by these militias?"

Fatah activists claimed that Hamas banned families of slain Fatah members from visiting cemeteries on Saturday. They said that dozens of Hamas policemen sealed off the main cemetery in Khan Yunis.

Hamas also banned Fatah supporters and relatives of Fatah men who were killed in the fighting with Hamas from marching in the streets or holding public rallies to protest against the Islamic movement's "coup," they said.

The families of some 450 Palestinians who were killed in the Hamas-Fatah fighting on Saturday called on Abbas to work toward bringing the "murderous" Hamas militias to trial for their role in the "atrocities." They said that some of the victims, especially those belonging to the Fatah-dominated security forces, were killed in cold blood after being taken prisoners by Hamas.
And the mainstream media's reaction? The New York Times published an article in Sunday's editions lauding Hamas' 'good governance.' After all, they're only 'governing' Arabs.


At 10:41 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

When Arabs throw Arabs off rooftops and slit each other's throats, that's the way Arabs do business. When Jews defend themselves from Arab terror, it becomes the world's business. Bias, ignorance, orientalism and plain old fashioned anti-Semitism help to explain the difference in the the way the world looks at behavior in the Middle East. And of course the Jews hare always held to a higher standard.

At 2:36 AM, Blogger Thud said...

The bbbc and the left in Britain is paralysed by crazy bob's betrayal...they just don't know what to do!...do they call for the evil american and British army to intervene?...if it wasn't so sad it would be funny.


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