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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

'Palestinians' place hope for change on Obama

The 'Palestinians' believe they have no hope of changing John McCain's position in favor of Israel. But if at one time they thought that Barack Hussein Obama would be squarely in their court, they now believe that they will have to work at it (American politics being what it is) but that they can manage to sway Obama to their position (Hat Tip: The Moderate Voice via Memeorandum). (The following article was translated from the Yemeni newspaper Al-Wahdawi).
In order to win our battle against these ideas and expose the racist face of the enemy for what it is to Obama and others, we must engage in cultural activities that focus on civil and non-governmental organizations that have direct contact with American society, especially since there are millions of Arabs and Muslims that reside there and carry American citizenship.

And secondly, we must lobby on an official level, particularly on the economic front in areas where the interests of Arabs and Americans are superior to those shared by America and Israel. In any case, “God helps those who help themselves.” We must roll up our sleeves and minds and launch a serious, organized campaign to alter Obama’s position, even if some people tell us that his statements are regularly repeated and only represent electoral propaganda that the candidate will quickly retreat from when he reaches the presidency. And since there is a strong possibility that the Republicans will continue on in the White House under Republican candidate John McCain, which will ensure the survival of an American policy that continues with its distorted perception of our issues and lopsided support for the Zionist entity, the task ahead will likely be more daunting and complex.

Obama's attitude is no different that those of other American politicians aspiring for the presidency, and such attitudes show every sign of remaining for some time to come.
Unfortunately, if Obama wins, the 'Palestinians' will have a very easy time changing his mind to favor the 'Palestinian' cause. He already does favor it, and said so constantly until he realized that saying so openly would destroy his chances of being elected. Unfortunately, much of Israel's support on the Republican side comes from conservative Christians and unless McCain chooses a Vice President to their liking, many of them may stay home on election day. Will Sarah Palin bring conservatives out to vote for the Republican party? Will McCain choose her?


At 9:52 PM, Blogger H. Taed said...

Hi. My name's Harriet, and I'm italian. I found your blog and read some of it and it's disgusting. Or better, your ideas are disgusting for me. You "israeli" people invade the Palestine and took all you could by violence and weapons, and now you are proud to laugh on these "monsters", the Arabs, that have been repressed using strenght. The problem is not wich religion-the problem is wich kind of behave you have. I don't care if you are jewish or muslim, I just know violence is bad and violence imponed by stronger weapons is worst. Excuse me for my bad english, but I'm just Italian. If you understand my language you can visit my blog, but you won't like it.

At 11:18 PM, Blogger Soccer Dad said...

Sarah Palin just had her fifth child. My wife's right, she's not leaving Alaska for DC with 5 young children.

Furthermore, she only has a couple of years of experience as Governor. Let her complete one term first before discussing her. James Joyner makes an excellent point:

But it makes little sense to nominate a 44-year-old with no foreign policy experience to be one heartbeat away from the presidency on a ticket whose principal message is that it’s risky to put a 44-year-old with relatively little foreign policy experience in charge of our nation’s security.

At 3:34 AM, Blogger Lydia McGrew said...

Isn't it a bit late in the game for John McCain suddenly to begin worrying about his image with conservative Christians? He never worried about it before. For more than fifteen years he's been aiming for the White House in a quite obvious fashion, and for that same time period he has been thumbing his nose at the conservatives in his own party over and over again. For goodness sake--it's pretty much been his idea of being _principled_ to oppose conservative policies. And not even just w.r.t. policies specifically of concern to the "religious right" like stem-cell research. We're also talking about matters like immigration (on which he has been our President's evil genius), campaign finance speech restrictions, and now most recently jumping on the global warming bandwagon. Doesn't it almost look like an insult for him or his campaign to think that in June or July of election year he can suddenly turn around and woo the very conservatives he's been kicking around all along to vote for him by his Veep pick? I mean, seriously. Voting record and previous activities (like the Gang of 14 shenanigans, for example) suddenly don't matter anymore?

At 7:39 AM, Blogger Freedom Fighter said...

If McCain is going to woo the evangelicals, I bet he picks Tim Pawlenty or Tom Ridge.

Oh, and Harriet...
Israele soggiorni ... affrontarla.

Ti invitiamo a visitare il mio sito se volete imparare qualcosa su Israele e palestinesi.


At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd share a recent experience I had while walking through the old city of Jerusalem while wearing a "Barack Obama for President" T-shirt. A gift from a friend, I am probably the only person in Israel who has such a shirt. I'm not American and I hold Israeli citizenship, but I'd support the candidate who would be "good for Israel". So I decided to wear it and see what reaction I would get...

In the Jewish areas I was met by indifference and light criticism; but in the arab quarter I was suddenly overwhelmingly welcome. Thumbs ups everywhere for Obama; smiles of welcome in restaurants, and top notch service.

The comments tended to go along these lines:

"Barack Obama! Barack Obama! Cool man!"
"Obama! Barack Obama! You vote him? He's good!"
"Obama - I love him, man!"

All this stood in sharp contrast to the times when my Israeli girlfriend and I walked through the same streets and ate at the same restaurants: we were met with surly, simmering, indifference. Service was grudgingly given and while we may have been smiled at in welcome, a sudden about-face showed those same waiters glaring at us with hatred.


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