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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lebanese Stage Anti-War Display

Following are excerpts from a news report on a Lebanese anti-war display, which aired on New TV (Lebanon) on June 4, 2008. A transcript follows and I'll have some comments after that.

Reporter: Because the use of weapons has become so prevalent in Lebanon, and on the occasion of the international week against armed violence, young men and women gathered in Shuhada Square in downtown Beirut, in response to the call by the Movement for Lasting Peace. They expressed their rage and condemnation of the use of weapons by staging various displays that depicted the tragedies caused by weapons.

Fadi Abu 'Allam, head of the Movement for Lasting Peace: The available of weapons and the use of the weapons leads people to search for a victim. In addition, if we want to establish peace, we must use reason.

Reporter: The participants emphasized the need to establish a culture of peace in Lebanon.
What's amazing about this video is that they dared to it in a public square and that it was actually televised in Lebanon. Of course, I assume that's because Hezbullah absolves itself of any blame for the situation. They assume (maybe correctly and maybe not) that the demonstrators are talking to the March 14 coalition. I'd like to interpret this 'demonstration' as a reason for hope, but I don't see much basis for doing that.


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