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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pinocchio is calling Jiminy Cricket a liar

This is rich. Pinocchio is calling Jiminy Cricket a liar.
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert lashed out at his police investigators during his questioning last Friday, accusing them of attempting to mislead him and calling their conduct "unfair."

According to a transcript of the conversation aired by Channel 10 on Friday, Olmert opened the session by confronting investigators over the many information leaks in the ongoing probe.

"What has been happening in the last few days is intolerable in a state of law. You are flooding the media and leaking ceaselessly, waging a media battle beyond all accepted norms for a just police," the prime minister shot at the assembled police team.

When Lt.-Cmdr Shlomi Ayalon attempted to interject, Olmert silenced him, saying: "I'm not done. Don't interrupt me please."

The prime minister continued: "You acted unfairly in the first investigation, trying to mislead me. You asked me questions on envelopes with money that I received from [Morris] Talansky. If you had asked me if Talansky covered - once or twice or three times, I don't remember how many - expenses on appearances that I made connected to issues he was involved in, I wouldn't have denied it for an instant." [You mean he thinks it's accepted practice for a Prime Minister to accept envelopes with money in cash with no accounting as long as they're 'to cover expenses?' CiJ]

Olmert then demanded that his answers be written down as well as recorded. Ayalon was opposed to this, saying it would considerably slow down the proceedings, which were already limited to one hour of the prime minister's time. The two then spent several minutes arguing over this point.
I grew up during the Watergate era. I don't remember Nixon or anyone else limiting the investigators' time to one hour or any other time period. Olmert's arrogance is simply insufferable!


At 10:49 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Instead of trying to put it to rest as quickly as possible, Ehud Olmert's strategy is to play for time and hope the prosecution's case withers by the time he needs to testify in court or his rivals will not press for his removal. The only way Olmert will go now is if he's forcibly carried out of the Knesset on a stretcher.


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