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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Obama: Hamas and Hezbullah have 'legitimate claims'

In Friday's New York Times, David Brooks recounts a conversation he had with Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama. It included this gem (Hat Tip: Infidels are Cool via Jihad Watch).
Right off the bat he reaffirmed that Hezbollah is “not a legitimate political party.” Instead, “It’s a destabilizing organization by any common-sense standard. This wouldn’t happen without the support of Iran and Syria.”

I asked him what he meant with all this emphasis on electoral and patronage reform. He said the U.S. should help the Lebanese government deliver better services to the Shiites “to peel support away from Hezbollah” and encourage the local populace to “view them as an oppressive force.” The U.S. should “find a mechanism whereby the disaffected have an effective outlet for their grievances, which assures them they are getting social services.”

The U.S. needs a foreign policy that “looks at the root causes of problems and dangers.” Obama compared Hezbollah to Hamas. Both need to be compelled to understand that “they’re going down a blind alley with violence that weakens their legitimate claims.” He knows these movements aren’t going away anytime soon (“Those missiles aren’t going to dissolve”), but “if they decide to shift, we’re going to recognize that. That’s an evolution that should be recognized.”
And what might those 'legitimate claims' be? If Obama said, Brooks didn't pass it on.


At 12:47 AM, Blogger KW64 said...

Since Israel left Southern Lebanon, Hezbollah has no legitimate claims against Israel. Now that it has made war on the elected government of Lebanon, it has no legitimate claim to be the only militia in Lebanon officially allowed to have weapons. Now that it has subordinated any respect for Lebanese law to the desires of its Iranian puppet masters, it no longer has a legitimate claim to BE in Lebanon, period.

At 7:45 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Mark Steyn quoted Hussein Musavi (the assassinated Hezbollah leader) in a Saturday National Review column that bears emphasis: "We're not fighting so that you will offer us something. We're fighting to eliminate you." This is the essence of the Hezbollah/Hamas philosophy. I wonder how Obama thinks there can be any talk of reasoning with such terrorist groups. Steyn's most devastating riposte is this: "Sen Obama is proposing to reward a man (Iran's Mahmoud Ahmedinejad) who pledges to wipe Israel off the map with a presidential photo-op to which he will bring not even a twig." Yeah, in an alternative universe Hezbollah and Hamas may have "legitimate claims." Just not in this world.


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