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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jon Voight: Obama 'would be the biggest disaster for Israel - and all democracies - that I can think of'

Actor Jon Voight (pictured) has been here this past week for the Presidents' Conference (among other reasons) and there's an interview with him in Sunday's JPost which is simply a must read (Hat Tip: Mrs. Carl in Jerusalem, "You'll love him"). Here's part of it.
Voight said he derived inspiration on his visit not only from helping the Chernobyl children but by meeting 50 terror victims and their families and by visiting residents of Sderot.

"It's very moving to be with people who have courage. These are good people, who are struggling with this challenge that has altered their lives," he said.

"In Sderot, we went to a home which had suffered a direct Kassam hit on Saturday morning through the bedroom of the family's young sons. Windows were shattered, tables were broken, there were holes in the wall. You look at the devastation and you say, my God, this kid must have been obliterated," he said, his voice gaining emotion.

"But the kid had just a couple scratches on him - it was a complete miracle. And his brother's in the next room, same thing. Everything was damaged, except some tefillin, which wasn't touched. It gives me chills to think about it.

"In the living room, there was a broken table, with flowers bought by the father for the mother for their anniversary strewn on the floor amid a broken vase. Someone said to her that it was a shame about the flowers, and she answered, 'Those aren't flowers, my children are flowers,'" recalled Voight, choking up and his eyes welling with tears. "What you're seeing in Sderot - there's nobody on the streets. It's a normal community, but there's nobody outside, no kids playing. It's like a twilight zone, the people there are terrorized. That's what terrorism is."

Voight said that if he were Israeli, he would be staunchly against negotiating with Hamas, and compared the plight of Sderot to that of London in World War II.

"Do I think that [Neville] Chamberlain should have talked to Adolf Hitler? It's not different with the situation in Sderot. There were German barrages coming across into London terrorizing the London population. And that's what's going on in Sderot - they're trying to demoralize that little town - that little town," repeated Voight for emphasis.
Actually, there's a big difference between Chamberlain negotiating with Hitler and Israel negotiating with Hamas. Chamberlain was negotiating someone else's fate (Czechoslovakia). Israel is negotiating its own. If anything, the Israelis are even bigger fools to negotiate with Hamas than Neville 'Peace in our time' Chamberlain ever was to negotiate with Hitler.

Voight also had some choice words about Democratic Presidential front-runner Barack Hussein Obama.
Calling himself a former liberal Democrat, Voight recently endorsed Republican Sen. John McCain in the US presidential race. He added that he would prefer Sen. Hillary Clinton over Sen. Barack Obama, citing Obama as "dangerous."

"He's really extreme, but he's always trying to say something to cover it. He's like a Leftist from the '60s. I was on the Left, that's why I know who he is," said Voight.

"He says he'll talk to everybody [like Hamas and Iran], but it's simpleminded candy he's throwing to the extreme left wing. He'd be the biggest disaster for Israel - and all democracies - that I can think of."
Read the whole thing.


At 1:18 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

He's quite a contrast to his daughter Angelina Jolie. Jon Voight has been quite active in Jewish causes, including participation in the annual New Year Chabad telethon in Los Angeles.

At 3:30 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Despite my greatest respect for Jon Voight and his strongest of pro-Israel intentions, I could not disagree more strongly.

Just today the Jerusalem Post ran an article: "Pakistan prime minister meets with Bush, pledges to fight terrorists" and has in the last paragraph this:

"Gilani's government is seeking peace deals with militants in Pakistan. The seven-week-old administration says it is only talking to militants who agree to lay down arms. But US officials worry the deals will give extremists time to regroup."

Come on! It's been all over the Muslim websites since December that Pakistan Taliban has united various factions and agreed to shift jihad strategy from also attacking governments of Muslim nations to only attacking non-Muslims. This is no "hudna" to regroup, it's an open shift to attacking nonMuslims only with the Pakistan government signing on. Already it was announced 7 states are going Shariah. And Bush and McBush want to continue not just ignoring but aiding this, the country where Al-Qaeda (literally "the base") is given refuge. (Al-Qaeda I read was also considering this shift.) And when Obama (totally understanding what was going on) said regardless of Pakistan's policy that he would airstrike The Taliban/Al-Qaeda in Pakistan if he had actionable intelligence, McCain scoffed and said Obama was naive!

You guys have been listening to so much anti-Obama rhetoric based on the very most superficial stuff for so long, rather than looking at the totality of Obama's writings through time and looking critically at the policies and philosophy of McBush, that you're about to make the greatest of suicidal dangers, and Voight is no exception, though he is a wonderful person and friend of Israel in intent. Ditch the neocons now!

At 11:52 PM, Blogger El Rider said...

"And when Obama (totally understanding what was going on) said regardless of Pakistan's policy that he would airstrike The Taliban/Al-Qaeda in Pakistan if he had actionable intelligence"

Just to be clear, that would be an act of war against Pakistan.


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