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Monday, May 19, 2008

Jamie Rubin's dirty trick

Powerline updates the latest (non)developments regarding Jamie Rubin's selective splicing of a 2006 interview with Republican Presidential nominee John McCain.
The Washington Post has yet to run a correction or clarification of Rubin's column. One can only speculate why. Perhaps the reason the Post has stood by the column so far is that the column is illustrative of the large truth on which Rubin predicates it: "If the recent exchanges between President Bush, Barack Obama and John McCain on Hamas and terrorism are a preview of the general election, we are in for an ugly six months." Both Rubin and the Post have made early contributions to the ugliness.
I can think of another reason: Leaving the column standing fits in with the Post's compunction for giving a voice to the terrorists. It's their way of saying "everyone does it."


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