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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

How Hamas puts it rockets together

Shwarma Mayor blogs a news report by Fox News' Israel correspondent Mike Tobin on how Hamas makes rockets (Hat Tip: Else via Little Green Footballs). Shwarma Mayor is outraged that Tobin is 'embedded' with the Hamas terrorists - go read his blog and view the clip to see why.

I went to Red Lasso and clipped what is apparently a later report from Fox. I think Tobin is a suicidal idiot for filming the report, but I don't fault him as a cheerleader for Hamas as Shwarma Mayor does. Let's go to the videotape and then I'll have some comments.

Note where he describes the 'factory' as being located: In the middle of a very busy street in the center of town. That bears out Israeli claims that Hamas is using the civilian population as human shields, doesn't it? The Geneva Convention makes it clear that you can't station weapons in the middle of a civilian population. Also, it's clear to me from the report that Israel is blockading Gaza because Hamas is continuing to fire rockets. While they could have explained that Israel is rejecting the 'cease fire' because we believe Hamas will use it to rearm and regroup, I've seen much worse reports than this.

But like I said, Tobin is a suicidal idiot for shooting this piece. Unlike Al-Beeb's Alan Johnston (pictured with Ismail Haniyeh), Tobin is based in Jerusalem. I'm surprised Hamas was willing to take him to Gaza at all.


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