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Friday, May 23, 2008

CNN Lies

On Thursday, CNN did a totally biased feature on the 'business conference' to line up donors for the 'Palestinian Authority' that took place in Bethlehem this week. The report was biased because it makes you feel sorry for this poor furniture factory with very few figures and almost no context.

In the video below, the reporter compares the amount of business done by the furniture company with how much business it did in 1957 when it was still in Jordan. Better comparisons would be how much business it did in 1967 (just before Israel liberated Bethlehem), in 1993-94 (just before the 'Palestinian Authority' took over in Bethlehem), in 2000 (just before the Oslo terror war was started by the 'Palestinians') and today. That might give a realistic picture of how the 'Palestinians' have brought their economy - in which their leadership was never interested anyway - grinding to a halt.

Technological obsolescence might also explain the declining sales of a furniture factory.

But instead, CNN blames everything on "The Wall" complete with pictures of how "The Wall" is right next to the furniture factory and therefore no one can get to work there and no one can ship any products out of there (neither of which is true, but that's almost beside the point).

All of this is nothing new for CNN, which is so blatantly biased against Israel that at one point there was talk here of removing them as an option for cable subscribers and substituting Fox News instead.

Now that I've told you what to watch for, let's go to the videotape.


At 7:00 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

60 years later and they still blame the Jews. Nothing is the Palestinians fault, in the MSM's world.


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