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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Video: CIA presentation to Congress on Syrian nuclear reactor

During the night, Allah posted the video presentation that the CIA made to Congress last week about the Syrian nuclear reactor (is there anything that's not on YouTube these days?). The video is in two parts. I'm going to post the first part only, which is the part that shows how Israeli intelligence (which is not mentioned) knew that it was a nuclear reactor. To watch the second part, which shows how the reactor looked after it was destroyed and how the Syrians attempted to cover up its existence, you will have to go to Allah's post. Babylon and Beyond - an LA Times blog - has made charges of fauxtography regarding the images included in these videos. In the same post linked above, Allah debunks some of B and B's claims. Having never used Photoshop, I am not familiar enough with its functionality to comment on it. I'm hoping that some of the photo experts will weigh in later today.

Charles reports that CIA Director Michael Hayden said Monday that the plant could have produced one or two weapons within a year of becoming operational. Hayden said that the site was within a few weeks or months of becoming operational. Charles says - and I agree - that the world ought to thank Israel. I don't suggest holding your breath waiting for that to happen.

If parts of the presentation look familiar, they should. Much of it was leaked in bits and pieces over the course of the last few months.

Let's go to the first videotape.

Let's go to the second videotape.


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