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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Video: '121 people - one third children - have died due to Gaza 'siege'

This video is actually a follow up on a World Health Organization report issued yesterday that claims that 121 people have died due to the Israeli 'siege' on Gaza. Among the issues that are totally ignored in this video:

1. Why should citizens of Gaza have a right to medical care in Israel? Israel is no longer responsible for Gaza having left it nearly three years ago. Do citizens of Canada have a right to medical care in the United States?

2. If the 'Palestinians' had spent even a small fraction of the billions of dollars in international aid that have been showered on them in the last fifteen years on setting up a health care system, they would have first class hospitals with first class facilities and would have no need for Israeli medical care. Instead they have spent their money on weapons, terror and corruption.

3. To the extent that Israel is preventing Gazans from entering Israel, it is because many, many Gazans have attempted terror attacks in Israel, many of them successfully.

4. The numbers given in the report are completely unverified and unverifiable. What is verified, however, is that despite the 'siege,' some Gazans are still receiving medical care in Israel. And you can bet they are not paying for it. Meanwhile, Israel has vehemently denied the WHO report - which is also not mentioned.

Let's go to the videotape:


At 10:54 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Unlike Israel's dhmmi leadership, I see no reason Israel has to provide for the well-being and comfort of the enemy. The Palestinians should look after themselves.

What the whole point of Palestinian independence? Eternal parasitism upon Israel? I don't think many Israelis endorse that notion of the two state solution.

At 11:10 PM, Blogger What is "Occupation" said...


GAZA, shares a LONG border with Egypt, the WORLD's LARGEST arab Nation...

Gaza BEFORE 1967 was controlled and occupied by Egypt.

If the Palestinians, or the Gazans or the Hamasitians need medical care GO TO EGYPT, do not seek care from Israel, or as you call it, the "zionist entity" that you shoot rockets at on a daily basis...

To bitch that "israel" doesnt allow medical care to the gazans INSIDE israel is absurd...

How about this solution?

Any and all Arab coming from Gaza, attempting entry into Israel will be shot on site...

Close the border NOW

Severe all Gas, Power & Water NOW

If rockets continue?

bomb the border separating gaza from the sinai, then start bombing in the north, driving the people of gaza into the sinai, where they can truly be REFUGEES

What will the world say? Call the refugee refugees?

time for a swift response to arab terror...


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