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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Syria calls up reserves, prepares for war - UPDATE: Syria denies it! - UPDATE: Video

According to a report in Wednesday's editions of London-based Arabic daily al-Quds al-Arabi, Syria has called up its reserve units and is preparing for what it terms an 'Israeli attack' on itself and Hezbullah forces in Lebanon.
According to the report, the Syrian army has been maneuvering its forces and drafting some of its reserve forces in preparation for such a contingency.

Damascus has also raised the alert level along its borders, and has placed three armored divisions, nine infantry brigades and special forces near its border with Lebanon's Bekaa valley, fearing an Israeli infiltration there. The report claimed that this would be a strategic spot for Israeli ground forces to strike, as it is both a Hizbullah stronghold and positions troops in close range of the Syrian capital.

Syria viewed recent comments by IDF officials as preparation of the groundwork to justify an Israeli assault, the paper stated. It was not stated which remarks were being referred to.
Syria is also said to believe that Israel will attempt to cut off the Beirut - Damascus Highway, which is a major route for weapons deliveries from Syria (and Iran) to Hezbullah.

Separately, a Syrian 'investigation' will 'officially' blame Israel's Mossad and 'certain Arab sources' for the liquidation of Hezbullah terrorist Imad Mugniyah. Hezbullah will 'refrain' from taking revenge - for now - so as not to give Israel an 'excuse' to attack. And those 'certain Arabs sources'? Anyone want to bet that those 'certain Arab sources' are Saudi?


Syria has now issued a denial of this story.
"The report, which was published in [the London-based daily] Al-Quds Al-Arab is totally false," Col. (ret.) Ahmad Munir Muhammad, a member of the Syrian parliament's National Security Committee, told The Media Line.

"Syria is not concentrating forces and is not summoning its reserves. President [Bashar Al-Assad's] message is clear: we are for a just and comprehensive peace and for the implementation of the United Nations' resolutions," added Muhammad.

According to Muhammad, there are indications that Israel is preparing a military assault against Syria with American backing. The purpose behind such an attack, said Muhammad, would be to divert the pressure of public opinion from the "American crisis in Iraq and the crises within Israel."

Muhammad also said there was no need for Syria to concentrate troops along the Lebanese border.

"The national Lebanese resistance movement [Hizbullah] has proven that it can thwart an Israeli attack on its own," he said.

Muhammad also said Syria might change its military strategy to using middle-range missiles. He said Syria would use them to protect its land, but would not initiate an attack on its own.
And besides, they don't want to give the Israelis an 'excuse' to attack either.


Here's a video report from earlier today.


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