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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Nir Rosen: 'Violence in Iraq is down because there are less Iraqis to kill'

Moonbat reporter Nir Rosen on Lebanese television last week tells the world that the reason that violence is down in Iraq is because there are less Iraqis to kill. Let's go to the videotape:

When I saw Rosen's name, I assumed he was an Israeli. He's not - at least by birth. But he is a son of Israelis. And he hates Israel too. This is part of a description of a trip he made here (apparently) some time in 2000.
Now I was returning as a man, having swallowed years ago from the painful chalice of truth and realized that my whole conception of good guy and bad guy, of victim and victimizer, was backwards, and I belonged to the onerous Goliath asphyxiating the Palestinian David. I was also returning with the knowledge that whereas once I had dreamed of joining Israel's elite special forces, now, even if I wanted to I could not. An Israeli foreign service officer had informed me of a file possessed by the Israeli government identifying me as pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist and an "enemy of the state." Not bad for a 23-year-old.

My first morning in Israel I was awakened by the high-pitched voice of my grandmother shouting to other family members: "We will never give up the Temple Mount! It is the heart of hearts of world Judaism!" The Temple Mount is called the Haram-al-Sharif by Muslims. It is in East Jerusalem and both sides wanted it. I groaned to my grandmother my hope that they give back the Western Wall too, and pulled the pillow over my head. The day I arrived, Prime Minister Ehud Barak had indicated his acquiescence to a Clinton plan for Jerusalem's partition. I had arrived at a time when the country was engaged in a violent debate over whether a bunch of rocks were more sacred than human life.
I hope the worm crawls back into his hole and never returns here.


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