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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mail between Canada and Israel to be blocked?

Canada's National Post reports that the Canadian Union of Postal Workers has no plans to block mail between Canada and Israel - yet (Hat Tip: Rightcanuck via Little Green Footballs).
This just in: The Canadian Union of Postal Workers "has no plans to block mail to and from Israel as of yet." That's a direct quote (with my emphasis added) from the union's national president. The line appears in a letter sent to the National Post today in response to my column about CUPW's loopy foreign-policy pronouncements. The letter, which will appear in tomorrow's print edition of the National Post appears in whole below.


Re: Jonathan Kay asks: Now that CUPW is boycotting Israel, will Canada Post deliver mail to the Israeli embassy? April 28.
If Jonathan Kay admits “I’m no labour expert”, why does he direct questions about the internal workings of CUPW to everyone except the union itself? If he had bothered to ask us, we would have supplied a pretty simple answer: Unlike the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinian mail, CUPW has no plans to block mail to and from Israel as of yet. Our concern is that the policies of the Government of Israel are unjust and violate international law; therefore we will be encouraging our members to boycott Israeli made products. We are taking this position because over 170 Palestinian political parties, unions and other organizations have called for a global campaign similar to the one applied to South Africa in their apartheid era. These measures will continue until the Israeli government recognizes the right of Palestinian people to self-determination, puts an end to military assaults, hydrocide and other acts of violence that take the lives of innocent people, and until Israel fully complies with international law, including a raft of UN resolutions. It’s time to push for a fair and just settlement so that both Palestinians and Israelis can live in peace.

Denis Lemelin
National President, CUPW
Is CUPW involved in any other political conflicts outside of Canada? Do they worry about Christians in Iraq, Zorastrians in Iran, Copts in Egypt or non-Muslims in the Sudan? Anyone want to bet that the answers to those questions are "none" and series of no's? So why are they suddenly so concerned about 'Palestine' and the fake 'Palestinian people?'


At 11:44 AM, Blogger mrzee said...

Boycotting Israel gets them as much publicity as going on strike but without the abuse. There is no other union in Canada as hated by the general public as the postal union.

At 12:11 AM, Blogger nachtwache said...

Including many of it's members who don't have a choice about being a CUPW member.
The union doesn't speak for me! They try to tell us how to vote, are involved in social community activities that have nothing to do with our work and our employer. They've let the 'little' bit of power go to their head and use their position in the union for their own agendas.
They take our money, they should concentrate solely on work related issues.


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