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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The company she keeps

I have been critical - on more occasions than I care to link - of the company kept by Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama. I have argued that Obama's association with the likes of Susan Power, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Robert Malley, the late Edward Said, Ali Abunimah and Reverend Jeremiah Wright ought to make it impossible for supporters of Israel to support Obama's candidacy. On the other hand, I have spoken very little of Hillary Clinton's associations other than the infamous kiss with Suha Arafat (pictured above).

There's an interesting piece in today's New York Daily News (among other places) that claims that yesterday's speech by Obama's 'spiritual mentor,' the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, to the National Press Club, which exposed the true Reverend Wright for all Americans to see, was actually arranged by a Clinton supporter who is a close friend of Wright's.
The Rev. Jeremiah Wright couldn't have done more damage to Barack Obama's campaign if he had tried. And you have to wonder if that's just what one friend of Wright wanted.

Shortly before he rose to deliver his rambling, angry, sarcastic remarks at the National Press Club Monday, Wright sat next to, and chatted with, Barbara Reynolds.

A former editorial board member at USA Today, she runs something called Reynolds News Services and teaches ministry at the Howard University School of Divinity. (She is an ordained minister).

It also turns out that Reynolds - introduced Monday as a member of the National Press Club "who organized" the event - is an enthusiastic Hillary Clinton supporter.
Here's a quote from Barbara Reynolds:
"Mandela leaves as a principled man, with all but the dullards understanding why he would embrace the Palestinians, whose children are being killed and family homes bulldozed in Israel just as black families' are in Soweto. ... Moreover, if Mandela is a terrorist — as conservatives have called him — he would fit right in with U.S. patriots such as George Washington, Patrick Henry, Nat Turner, and Harriet Tubman. If it had not been for those terrorists, what would we have to wave our flags about on the Fourth of July?"

USA Today Inquiry Editor Barbara Reynolds, June 29, 1990.
Comparing the 'Palestinians' and their supporters to patriots of the American revolution? Where have I heard that before? Comparing the 'Palestinians' to the victims of South African apartheid? That sounds awfully familiar too....

What other company does Hillary keep? Is it any better than the company Obama keeps? Inquiring minds ought to know.


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